7 Myths About Filing Car Accident Lawsuits Infographic

Life teaches us that others’ negligence can be costly. Negligent drivers can cost you your health, savings, future, and hours of time.

The other motorist may not have meant to damage you, yet you still suffer, which is unfair. We, you, and policymakers know this. They devised personal injury laws for that.

Car accident victims are still hesitant to sue, frequently because they believe misconceptions. These cases are being denied legal reparation due to inaccurate information. The laws were made carefully. Careful thought was given to accident victims like you.

Making an informed decision to waive your car accident lawsuit is one thing. Making this decision based on falsehoods and disinformation is different. Avoid these common myths:

People who sue are greedy and heartless.

Filing a lawsuit is not about greed but seeking justice. If you’ve suffered due to another’s negligence, your pursuit of compensation is just and reasonable. Responsible individuals take action to correct injustices and hold wrongdoers accountable, aiming to restore balance.

If I file a lawsuit, I will have to endure a lengthy court trial.

Most car accident cases are settled outside of court, avoiding dramatic courtroom scenes. Skilled attorneys negotiate with insurance companies to reach agreements, sparing you from potential trials. If a trial is necessary, your attorney prepares you thoroughly to face the process confidently.

I will have to spend hours fighting with insurance companies.

Hiring a car accident attorney shifts the burden of communication to them. Experienced lawyers understand the laws and tactics used by insurance companies, ensuring your interests are protected. They handle negotiations and save you from unnecessary hassle.

Hiring a lawyer will bankrupt you.

Many car accident lawyers operate on a contingency fee basis, meaning you pay only if your case is successful. Their fees are a percentage of your compensation, ensuring you can seek justice without financial strain.

Suing = lack of forgiveness.

The virtue of forgiveness is valued by society. Suing is not a zero-sum game, yet some confuse it with not forgiving. It is possible to forgive someone and ask them to fulfill a legal contract.

If their negligence caused your injury, they must compensate you. Remember that their insurance company pays the bill, not “they”.

Nice individuals recognize they make errors and purchase insurance to cover them. The insurance company is compensated to perform what you do when you suit.

I may waste months and not win my lawsuit.

With a skilled attorney, your chances of success increase significantly. Experienced lawyers evaluate the strength of your case upfront and work diligently to secure a positive outcome. Their contingency fee structure ensures they’re invested in your victory.

I can afford to take care of my own injury, so it’s not worth suing.

Justice applies to all, regardless of income. Negligence demands financial restitution, covering property damage, lost wages, and future costs. Lawsuits also serve as deterrents, encouraging responsible behavior and saving lives.

Don’t be misled by these myths; claim the compensation you’re entitled to. Seek accurate information about car accident lawsuits from Salt Lake car accident attorneys. Your well-being and justice are paramount.

source: https://lifelaw.com/myths-that-scare-people-out-of-filing-car-accident-lawsuits/


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