7 Myths About Managed Service Providers Infographic

When you hear the phrase “IT managed services,” you probably picture excessive prices, layoffs of workers, and insufficient data protection. These ideas could make you hesitant to work with an MSP, but the good news is that they are frequently perceptions rather than actual truths. Let’s dispel a few myths to demonstrate why employing an MSP is a smart move for any business.

Myth #1 Hiring an MSP is Costly

The cost of managed IT services may appear high at first. However, the advantages MSPs provide readily outweigh their costs. MSPs provide considerable economies of scale since they operate on a far greater scale than most enterprises’ IT departments.

Myth #2 There’s No Demand for Small Companies to Hire MSPs

It’s simple to dismiss managed IT services as “high-end” offerings available primarily to larger businesses, yet nothing could be farther from the reality. MSPs are frequently more valuable to small firms. Managed service providers assist SMBs with managing their everyday technology, maintaining the efficient operation of apps, and accelerating digitalization—all for a reasonable cost.

Myth #3 All Managed Service Providers Are the Similar

Each MSP has its own skill, emphasis, specialization, and culture, even though all of them offer management services as their primary business. To choose the finest managed service for your needs, you must first know what services and duties you require for your company.

Myth #4 An MSP Will Substitute Your IT Staff

It’s untrue. Instead of replacing your IT workforce, an MSP strives to increase its productivity. When you’re a small firm, the service provider could be your primary source of IT help, but frequently your IT team will collaborate with the MSP. MSPs find repetitive jobs and scale up their automation so that your IT team may concentrate on more fruitful projects.

Myth #5 Hiring MSPs Means Putting Your Company Records at Risk

With all the third-party services you now utilize, your data is more vulnerable. Employing an MSP will probably increase your security because they adhere to the most recent cyber-defense techniques and comprehend changing risks. Since reputation is essential in the MSP sector, MSPs have the incentive to be completely safe.

Myth #6: You’ll Lose Management Over Your IT Operations with an MSP

The only time losing control when hiring an MSP is when your service partner is poorly managed. Keep the lines of communication open and let the MSP know what you need. A competent MSP will offer advice and solutions based on your requirements, assisting you in developing a business expansion.

Myth #7 There Will Be Contradictions Over Roles and Responsibilities With an MSP

When an organization’s objectives are not clearly defined, conflicts might occur. A massive task, hiring an MSP demands clear thinking to be successful. Prior to onboarding an MSP, a clear division of duties and responsibilities is necessary.

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source: https://www.greatservice.com/debunking-myths-about-it-msps/


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