7 Neuropathy Exercises Infographic

When every movement hurts, it might be tempting to stop exercising, but inactivity is detrimental to peripheral neuropathy. Low-impact exercise can decrease pain and aid healing. Here are some activities to try.

Walking is accessible, but extreme temperatures can worsen nerve pain. Flat, impact-absorbing surfaces, like those at local tracks, can help. During bad weather, consider joining a gym for treadmill access.

Water aerobics is a low-impact exercise that’s great for strength, endurance, and flexibility without the risk of injury. If you have access to a pool at home or a gym, be careful getting in and out of the pool to avoid slipping and dry your feet to prevent blisters.

Swimming is a low-impact workout, but it can cause dehydration and worsen neuropathy symptoms. Keep a water bottle by the pool, start slow, and learn lane etiquette to avoid collisions in shared lanes.

Elliptical machines provide low-impact exercise with support for balance and target various muscle groups. Start slowly and increase endurance over time.

Recumbent bikes offer a comfortable, low-impact option that allows you to sit upright, making it easier on your back.

Yoga practices can vary from gentle to vigorous. Find one that comfortably builds muscle and flexibility, and be careful with barefoot poses to avoid injuries.

Tai Chi, like yoga, involves slow, adaptable movements often performed barefoot. These exercises enhance muscle strength and flexibility with minimal impact and can help manage peripheral neuropathy symptoms while improving overall health and well-being.

source: https://axiom-chiropractic.com/why-daily-exercise-is-vital-if-you-have-neuropathy/


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