7 of the Best Tables for your Kitchen Infographic

The kitchen is the best place to unwind because this is where you can get rid of other problems in life and simply focus on what meal to prepare for the family. Mommies and their teenagers often do the job here together and ensure that their delicious menu will be served with love and deliciousness. However, a kitchen will not be complete without the table where you can sit and sip any meal you have cooked. This is where talking to each other while cooking also happens. A perfect match for your kitchen is one of the seven best tables presented in this infographic.

1. If you got a little family or probably it is just the two of you, a tulip table could be enough. The Tulip table looks simple yet comfortable and it minimizes the space that you need. It is a nice table to have coffee with someone upon waking up.

2. For some families, especially those who are living in an old house that is made of pure wood, a wooden table could best fit your kitchen. Wooden tables keep the atmosphere like a real home for the family members.

3. If you are an artistic type of person, you would like to accentuate such art and style even in your kitchen through choosing a carved table. Most of the time, the carved wooden table is expensive but it does give an artistic side for someone cooking. Perhaps, it can give more inspiration for you.

4. For modern family, extendable dining table could be the best option. Especially for families who don’t often eat at home, this kind of table can stay short just for the kitchen. But when the entire family arrives, preparation for dinner will become easy.

5. For those living in condominiums in which a little space is given to kitchens, you can opt for bar tables. A tall table can minimize your space requirement. Of course, you partner it with high chairs as well. It is also effective for people living alone or with one partner. It is best for coffee time or eating desserts and pastries.

6. Another way to look artistic and eco-friendly is the use of a Glass-topped table with an irregularly shaped tree trunk as its foundation. A lot of restaurants are using this because it provides a different kind of atmosphere to the customers but for your house, it could be more presentable to the eyes.

7. The last but not the least and one of the most common tables are the circle tables. It is often used as side tables but this could also be beneficial when placed in the kitchen. This is where you can put your stuff while cooking.

8. It is not easy to choose a table for your kitchen but you need to match it with your current theme, style or design of the kitchen. If you are planning to do a kitchen upgrade, shop through many table designs and try to imagine what your kitchen would look like if such table is there.

source: https://www.washingtonstatekitchenbath.com/articles/the-best-table-for-your-kitchen/


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