7 Portable Restroom Sustainability Features InfographicThe portable toilet trailer industry may appear to be an unusual sector that focuses on eco-friendliness. However, portable restroom services play a significant role in preserving public health and conserving water. Here are seven ways that the portable restroom industry is improving its sustainability, safeguarding both the environment and our well-being:

1. Conserving Water

Mobile restroom trailers are an excellent solution for conserving water. These trailers consume less water, which helps to save up to 125 million gallons of fresh water every day. The toilets in the trailers are designed to save water, but that’s not all. Some sinks in these trailers are equipped with foot pumps that help to prevent excess running water when washing hands.

2. Stopping The Need For A “Wild Wee”

At some point in our lives, we may find ourselves in a situation where there are no restroom facilities available, for example, when camping or attending a festival. In such cases, we may have no option but to relieve ourselves in nature. However, we should be mindful that human waste can be harmful to plant life. When we expose vegetation to fecal matter, it can disturb the natural balance of the ecosystem.

3. Protecting Animals

Doing your business is not the cleanest of tasks. Human waste contains germs and microbes that are not safe for the environment. Portable toilet trailers, when emptied properly, can prevent the spread of disease not just to humans but also to animals. While humans have developed immunity to some diseases, animals may not have the same immunity and can catch human diseases.

4. Reducing Harmful Chemical Use

Portable toilet trailers utilize more environmentally conscious waste management systems that do not involve the use of harsh chemicals to process waste. One such method involves introducing microorganisms and enzymes to the tanks that store waste. These microbes are happy to munch on waste, which results in a safer and more sustainable solution for both people and the planet.

5. Stopping The Spread Of Sickness

All the germs and bacteria that we have been discussing have a common goal, which is to escape the toilet and spread into the world. However, portable toilet trailers are spacious and furnished with hooks, changing tables, and sometimes lockers. This ensures that your belongings remain clean and do not become a source of transmission for pathogens outside the restroom.

6. Preventing Hazardous Contamination

Portable toilet trailers are not just limited to basic bathroom facilities as mobile decontamination trailers are also available to prevent hazardous substances from leaving job sites and causing harm to people and the environment.

7. Using Sustainable Power Sources

When it comes to powering trailers with special features, fossil fuels, natural gas, and oil are commonly used, but they are not sustainable options. Solar-powered trailers are an excellent alternative to address this issue. The sun is a reliable and eco-friendly energy source, which means you can count on it even when it’s not visible. So, you can rely on this sustainable energy source to power your trailers without harming the environment.

Many of us are concerned about protecting our planet, and that includes those in the toilet trailer industry. To protect the earth, choosing a certified green restroom trailer is an eco-friendly way to reduce waste and benefit the environment.

source: https://www.portablerestroomtrailers.com/blog/7-unexpected-ways-the-portable-restroom-industry-is-going-green/


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