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Amazon has gained its fame for the last few years because of the outpouring of positive reviews and comments from its customers. It is well known that Amazon was used to be a bookstore and its market was limited. The CEO of the company diversifies its offering and included other items making it a landscape for other small and start-up sellers of products. Aside from the products being offered on the website, the value proposition of the ecommerce site was indeed a successful one. In this infographic, you can see the seven justifiable reasons why Amazon is loved by the online shoppers.

1. Shipping is the key to satisfaction. Customers don’t like to wait. They expect that the product will arrive on the agreed delivery date. Amazon has strict rules when it comes to setting the date of delivery. If it will not happen, the seller will have to face some sanctions.

2. Amazon encourages both positive and negative reviews for a certain seller. Is this a good move? Definitely, yes. A customer who buys the product online often read the experiences of others when they deal with a certain seller. The reviews give them ideas on whether they should pursue with the decision to buy or not. On the side of the seller, such reviews would encourage them to provide good product and service to their customers.

3. Products in Amazon are categorized. However, if you got something specific in your minds such as brand, size or color, searching it will be easy because Amazon has search functions. Especially for those who got no more time for browsing all of the pages and inner pages, just choose a few keywords, hit the search button and you will see what you need.

4. Probably one of the riskiest strategies but most effective one of Amazon is the Return Policy. Why would Amazon risk for this kind of scheme? Amazon has thousands of sellers on the platform and he can’t monitor them one by one. Some pictures of the product look so beautiful that even though it is not intended, the customers will feel deceived by the sellers. Hence, Amazon establishes this policy allowing both sellers and buyers build trust among each other.

5. Going to a mall to buy a product will make you incur time, money and effort in choosing the products you need from a wide variety of selections. In Amazon, aside from sitting in your own home and without spending on gas, you can also get a few discounts from different products making it a better option for shopping. In the comfort of your own home, you don’t need to endure the pollution and the traffic. Instead, you can sit back, relax and shop till you are satisfied.

6. If you want to get ahead of discounts and promo offers, subscribe to Amazon newsletters. You will be informed about the promotional programs and you can even get coupons that can save you, even more, when you shop. This made Amazon well loved by its consumers and sellers at the same time.



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