7 Reasons to Avoid Hiring an Amateur Lawyer after a Personal Injury Infographic

Hiring a lawyer who is amateur and lacks experience can never benefit your complex case, especially with a serious injury situation. While it might be true that going for an experienced attorney will cost you more in legal fees, the peace of mind it brings.

A novice attorney might not tell whether an insurance company is making a lowball offer.

A seasoned attorney can see a lowball offer from the insurance company. Insurance adjusters are notoriously challenging to work with. Their responsibility is to limit your offer and safeguard the insurance company’s assets. It’s likely that you and the insurance adjuster won’t agree on whether an offer is “fair” at first. An inexperienced attorney might not appropriately assess the long-term consequences of your accident injuries. They might be open to accepting a settlement that does not fully account for all expenses you might incur in the future.

A novice attorney might not know when to settle a case or when to proceed to trial.

A novice attorney might decide against participating in a trial because they are unsure of their performance. Alternately, a novice attorney might “jump the gun” and try your case in court without necessity. An experienced attorney is less likely to consider their personal emotions and fears when deciding whether to settle a case or proceed to trial. Experience is a prerequisite for certainty and objectivity.

A novice attorney takes longer to complete tasks.

Yes, the hourly rate for the novice attorney may be lower. But does it matter if your lawyer takes twice as long as a more seasoned attorney to file identical reports and take the same affidavits? Cost-inefficiency increases your expenses. Efficiency increases with repetition. Due to increased efficiency brought on by your lawyer’s prior experience with situations like yours, you will pay lower hourly legal rates.

A novice attorney might not know whether they are looking at a strong case.

An inexperienced attorney might accept a case only to discover later that it is flawed, whereas an experienced attorney will be more likely to shun matters that can’t pay for themselves. Even if you don’t present your case convincingly at your free initial meeting, a skilled attorney will spot a strong case.

A novice attorney might not control your expectations.

Particularly if your case is the first of its kind that your lawyer has handled, an inexperienced attorney might not be aware of what kind of timeframe to expect. A skilled lawyer’s expectations will be much more in line with reality than an amateur lawyer’s, even if no experienced lawyer can forecast the future with 100% accuracy. A key component of creating mental calmness is managing expectations.

A novice attorney might not be familiar with all the potential components of compensation demands.

An inexperienced attorney can overlook some of the potential expenses associated with your injury or lack the conviction to fully account for pain and suffering. In-depth training is provided to personal injury attorneys in evaluating shared liability. Because they know they share some of the guilt for the damage, some people are hesitant to consult a personal injury attorney. An expert lawyer knows how to divide responsibility among responsible parties using mathematical formulas and case law.

A novice attorney might not have much influence on the legal system.

A seasoned and well-respected attorney has worked hard for years to gain the respect of paralegals, office employees, other attorneys, clerks, judges, and insurance adjustors. They also have access to community resources that can facilitate quicker and more efficient work. When he has inquiries about a branch of law outside of his field of specialization, an amateur lawyer may have fewer colleagues to turn to, whereas an experienced lawyer may draw from a network of other trained professionals to strengthen his research.


Don’t settle for an amateur lawyer for your personal injury case, since it will cost you peace of mind and money. Always opt for an experienced one who has handled a similar case to yours in the past. It should be very simple to locate a qualified and reputed accident injury attorney nearby, especially in a place like Las Vegas, with a thriving legal community.

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