7 Reasons to Move Your Business to Utah Infographic

Utah stands out as the ideal destination for business relocation, thanks to its rapid growth, vibrant economy, and attractiveness for both residential living and corporate establishments. The state has become particularly sought after by technology and marketing companies, drawing major players like Adobe, eBay, and 3M around 2016. The subsequent influx of industry giants, including Facebook and Microsoft, has led to the region surrounding Lehi, Utah, being affectionately dubbed “Silicon Slopes” due to its concentration of technology, hardware, software, and research companies along the Wasatch Front.

As Utah experiences a surge in business activity, its population is also on the rise, fueled by families seeking high-paying tech jobs facilitated by Utah moving companies. The state’s population reached 3.338 million in 2021, reflecting a continuing upward trajectory. Noteworthy tech companies, such as Artic Wolf, DevMountain, Voxpopme, Qualtrics, and Ancestry, have established a significant presence throughout Utah.

What motivates companies to establish branches or headquarters in Utah? The following seven reasons shed light on the factors contributing to the centralization and thriving business environment in the state:

1. Cost of Living:

Utah offers a more affordable cost of living compared to many states, notably San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York. The state’s lower rent and electric bills, 34% below the national average, stem from an abundance of natural resources.

2. Lower Taxes:

Utah’s advantageous tax environment includes a 4.85% flat corporate income tax, a maximum local sales tax rate of 2.95%, and a state sales tax of 6.10%. The combined state and local tax rate of 7.19% ranks Utah 8th overall on the Tax Foundation’s 2023 Business Tax Climate Index, providing substantial savings for businesses.

3. Adds a Diverse Element:

Relocating to Utah introduces a fresh and diverse element to companies. Operating in multiple states enables businesses to tap into a broader job pool, incorporating diverse perspectives from employees in varied cultural and environmental settings, enriching the overall corporate experience.

4. Growing Economy:

Utah’s robust economy, experiencing consistent growth of at least 2.4% over the last five years, positions the state favorably. With the second-lowest unemployment rate in the nation at 2.3%, Utah’s economic vitality translates to growth opportunities for businesses.

5. A Different Lifestyle:

Utah’s lifestyle distinguishes itself from other tech-centric cities with less traffic, a more affordable cost of living, and abundant access to nature. The state embraces a “family-first” mentality, promoting a healthier work/life balance for employees compared to other bustling tech hubs.

6. You Get All Four Seasons:

Utah’s climate, featuring all four seasons, offers a balanced and enjoyable outdoor experience throughout the year. While winters bring snow, they are less intense than in many other states, allowing for year-round outdoor recreation, including top-notch skiing.

7. Great for Families:

The family-friendly environment in Utah is underscored by an abundance of activities for children, a top-ranking healthcare system, and numerous recreational amenities, such as ski resorts, parks, biking and hiking trails, pools, and museums.

In light of the evolving work landscape with remote work becoming the norm, Utah’s appeal extends beyond businesses to include professionals seeking a more affordable, less stressful environment surrounded by the state’s natural beauty and recreational offerings. The post-Covid focus on mental health has further propelled Utah as a desirable destination for those aiming to strike a balance between a good salary and a wholesome living experience.

Utah emerges as a rising star for business professionals, outdoor enthusiasts, and families seeking a welcoming and enriching environment. For businesses eyeing Utah as their next home, the expertise of long-distance movers can ensure a seamless transition to the Beehive state, solidifying its position as an optimal hub for growth and prosperity.

source: https://utahsmovingandstorage.com/7-reasons-utah-is-the-optimal-place-for-business-relocation/


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