7 Reasons Why Cookies are the Best Dessert Infographic

Aren’t you thankful that we live in a world where you can eat many types of sweet snacks and desserts? Deciding which one of them is the best can be tricky, especially when they are all delicious. But we can all agree that when our sweet tooth arises, cookies are one of the first things we get to. Then, we can conclude that it is the best choice for a snack and dessert. Here are five reasons why you, too, should consider cookies the best.


Diversity is what makes life exciting, and that is one of the things that cookies can offer. With many ingredient combinations, different flavors, and various textures, you can say that the cookie world is very diverse. That is why it is well-loved by many because you can definitely find a cookie that suits your taste. The options are endless, from classic to gourmet cookies. While many desserts have a variety, no one can come close to the variety cookies have to offer.


Cookies can satisfy your stomach, taste buds, and even your eyes. A perfectly placed tray of cookies with their round and symmetrical shape is undeniably pleasing to look at. Catching sight of these treats can be really tempting, especially when you are trying to eat healthily. Don’t stop yourself; go ahead and indulge. There are oatmeal cookies and zucchini cookies, so you’re probably still eating healthy.


Cookies can fit your lunchbox or your pocket, and it does not require much space making them the perfectly-sized snack to take wherever you go.

Less Hassle

Eating a cookie doesn’t need any utensils; no hassle at all. Sharing it with others is also easy; no need for a pan or pie tin; simply wrap them in a paper, and it’s good to go. You won’t need to keep it cool. Unlike most desserts, a very convenient choice of snack for everyone.

Perfect Size

The portion of most cookies is ideal. You can easily limit your sweets intake by having a cookie or two, and portion control is easy, unlike other desserts.

Stays Fresh Longer

Storing cookies properly can extend their shelf life longer than other desserts. This opened an opportunity for a cookie delivery service, an excellent innovation for those who want to eat cookies but do not have the time to bake or go out. You can also conveniently send cookies as gifts, and the receiver can still enjoy them fresh.


As a child, we all have fond memories of cookies. Everyone had a taste of this delicious treat as a child, and it brings back memories. The smell and experience of baking a cookie, bonding with your family and friends in your grandma’s house. You can remember tons of fond memories associated with cookies, and many can agree that cookies shall get the nostalgia vote.

You can continue making memories with cookies, baking them for your loved one, or sending them as a gift to a distant friend having a difficult time. And if your childhood is missing these memories, you can always start anytime! Cookies will remain a crowd favorite, and there are many reasons to back this claim.

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