7 Reasons why You need a licensed electrical contractor Infographic

After doing your own research about heat trace cable, you are now ready to install one in your business office or home. But before you reach out to anyone who claims to know how to install it instead of going straight to a licensed electrical installer, you should know that there are important reasons why you should go for the latter. Always choose someone who is licensed when it comes to installing a heat trace cable. Here’s why:

Meeting the Official Standards

Licensed contractors go through proper training to learn, gain knowledge, and experience. The time and effort they put into it and the license they are holding prove that they have met the industry standard. They are authorized and permitted by government offices to do the job and complete them according to acceptable standards.


There are two insurances that licensed contractors should have: Worker’s Compensation and Liability Insurance. The former protects the clients from being responsible for any possible injuries that could happen to the contractor. The latter covers the property against damage and injuries in the course of the work. Unlicensed contractors cannot obtain a policy and therefore do not have these insurances that can cover any unfortunate events if they happen.

Hiring Unlicensed is Illegal in Utah

The Utah code states that contractors are required licenses, and it could vary depending on the amount. Jobs under $1,000 don’t require a permit, between $1,000 and $3,000 needs a handyman’s license, and those over $3,000 requires building permits and a contractor license. If you opt for an unlicensed contractor, you will concede significant legal protection if something goes wrong.

Less Leverage for Recourse

When a licensed contractor delivers poor-quality work or runs away with your money, you can seek recourse through the state licensing association. They can revoke the license or apply pressure with options. For unlicensed contractors, it is still possible to take legal action, but it is a tricky process, and there is no assurance that you will recover your losses.

Could Cost You at Resale

Your home can be undervalued when an inspector notices that the work done with your heat cable does not meet the standards. The solution here is to hire a licensed contractor to fix the job, and it will save you time, money, and effort if you just contact a licensed contractor in the first place.

Contract and A Plan

A contract will tie the contractor to staying until they finish completing the work. They should present a clear plan with systematic steps to meet the standards. Open communication is also a must, so you are well-informed of the progress and if there are any delays.

Benefits Outweigh the Cost

Having a good deal is not always the best option. This is true for an unlicensed contractor offering to get the job done at a lower price. How do they make it possible to come up with that price? They don’t pay permit or licensing fees; they are cutting corners and are not worrying about meeting the standards. On the other hand, licensed contractors cover all these, resulting in higher overhead costs. Besides, they will take responsibility for anything that could go wrong. That way, you are actually saving money over time.

Always reach out to a trustworthy and leading heat cable installation company. They have the experience that many people hire them to install a heat trace cable. Never settle for any less. Not with an unlicensed contractor, your neighbor Bill, or any YouTube smarts you see on the internet.

source: https://wasatchheatcable.com/blog/do-i-really-need-a-licensed-electrical-contractor/


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