7 Reasons Your Commercial Space Needs A Fence Infographic

The success or failure of a business depends on several factors such as skilled employees, an adept management team, excellent customer service, smart financial tracking, and more. Commercial space also plays an important role in how well your business will do. Make sure that you choose a location and a fence that will go around it. Find out why.


A fence protects your entire property, not just the structure. Fences keep people from trespassing, protecting your property, vehicles, outside displays, and equipment.


You want the people who buy from you to feel accepted and welcomed. A fence can improve your home’s outside appearance and go well with your architectural style. Your place, including the fence enclosing it, must have a nice visual appearance.


Customers visiting your business and your staff members want to feel secure. A fence has a certain quality that makes people feel safe.


Do you manage a daycare with a playground outside? Do you oversee a hazardous machinery-filled industrial yard? Do you possess a building with a pool? To reduce liability, these types of enterprises must regulate who and what is allowed on and off their property.


A fence delineates your property. Your fence prevents trespassers from entering your property by acting as a physical representation of your precise property lines.

Crowd Control

What is your company’s surrounding area? For instance, you can experience some unwelcome foot traffic if your building is situated right next to a multifamily housing development. A fence is a great tool for restricting access to, inside, and around your property.


Even if you don’t want a fence, there are situations when you are forced to install one. You might be required by state and local laws to erect a fence.

The Suitable Fence

The right fence is essential. Not all fence supplies in Denver offer the same advantages. The functionality of an eight-foot privacy fence is incomparable to that of a three-foot chain link fence. Installing a fence that is tailored to your specific requirements is necessary.

It’s critical to comprehend the local laws and ordinances that apply to your industry and the location of your organization. You don’t want to invest the time and money in installing a fence, only to find out later that it is against the law. Think about the following queries before you start construction:

  • Does your city mandate you install shrubs and trees around the edge of your fence as a form of landscape screening in addition to it?
  • What kind of fencing materials is your local government mandating?
  • Does your line of work require a particular fence height? What height requirements must your business facility meet, if any?
  • What distance from the structure, the parking lot, the roadways, the fire lanes, and the property lines should your fence be placed?
  • Is it required by your city’s development rules that a fence be constructed by a qualified fence contractor?
  • Are specific fence colors prohibited? Is it required for a fence to have an earth-tone color in your city?
  • Does the owner of the bordering land currently have a fence? Do you need to communicate with this neighbor to avoid leaving a gaping hole in the ground?
  • Do you have to erect a fence around anything that could be a pain or an eyesore, like dumpsters and outside storage spaces?
  • What rules apply to the transparency of fences? Can you install a fence that entirely obscures the view, or must it be built so you can see through it?

The worth of a fence is immeasurable, regardless of whether you want to start construction on a brand-new site or if you want to buy an existing building. When done correctly, it safeguards your property, prevents unwelcome traffic, and adds beauty.

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