7 Remote IT Jobs Infographic

Some IT positions require working with technology or sensitive data, while many offer remote work, flexibility, and competitive salaries. In 2023, some of the top remote IT jobs include Software Engineers, who design, build, test, and maintain software applications. They often earn over $100,000 annually and have opportunities to advance from programming to management. Data Scientists analyze large sets of data to create optimized workflows and machine learning models. Web Developers are in high demand as more businesses move online, earning around $78,000 annually and frequently having the option to work remotely. With their broad knowledge of IT processes, DevOps Engineers coordinate between development and operations teams to ensure software success, often earning over $100,000 annually. Data Analysts, with a median salary of about $82,000, transform raw data into useful models and charts, providing an entry point into data analysis with less formal training required compared to data scientists. Cyber Security Analysts, crucial in protecting organizations from cyber threats, are increasingly needed as cyber-attacks rise. Although not all positions are remote-friendly, many offer salaries over $102,000. Lastly, Solutions Architects bridge the gap between business and technology, developing and overseeing technical solutions to business problems, and are well-compensated for their pivotal role in operations.

source: https://perelson.com/7-top-it-professionals-working-remotely-in-2023/


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