7 Safety Tips For Pole Dancers Infographic

When the bachelorette party chooses to attempt pole dancing in every rom-com, you could have first learned about it through popular culture. It never goes according to plan and there is always booze involved.

Pole dancing is a serious sport and art form that should never be practiced while under the influence of anything. Due to the risky nature of this acrobatic activity, safety is of the highest concern. Use this essential safety advice to reduce your risk of harm and have fun dancing:

Scrub In

Like a surgeon preparing for surgery, you should treat your preparation with seriousness. Avoid using body oils, creams, lotions, or moisturizers before dancing. If you used any of those items earlier in the day, taking a shower is the best approach to guarantee that your skin is speckless. Always start with clean, dry hands, even if you just got out of the shower.

Check Your Equipment

Make it a practice to check for safety before you start at home or in class. Check the screws if you detect even a tiny wobble. Ask if you may shift to a different pole if you’re in a classroom so that the person can perform a complete safety check.

Friends Don’t Let Friends Dance Alone

Speaking of safety, call a friend before you go dancing because it’s a team sport. When you learn more complex maneuvers like laybacks, inversions, and releases, spotters become crucial. Spotters may also assist you in improving your form, which will lower your overall risk of injury. Plus, dancing with a companion is usually more enjoyable.

Warm Up

You must adequately warm up your muscles before playing any sport. Increased endurance, less tiredness, and a lower chance of injury are just a few of the innumerable advantages. Safety should be your top priority in the realm of aerial dancing.

Don’t Hide Behind Your Clothes

Skin is in, as you’ve probably discovered if you’ve spent any time around multiple poles. The more exposed flesh you have means, the more locations to hold the pole. If you want a little more coverage, use some high-waisted pole dance shorts and a soft, fitting crop top, or some sticky pole leggings.


Remove any jewelry that is not designed for pole dancing even though accessories may complete any look. Another item that doesn’t go well with this dancing style is gloves. If you want to embellish your polewear, try adding some grip aids or knee pads for pole dancers.

Listen To Your Body

Finally, be aware of your limitations. Learning new movements may be exhilarating, and it’s easy to get carried away, stop, and pay attention to your ability level at that moment. Don’t let go of the pole if you find yourself in a terrifying situation. Pay attention and respect your body. When you are exhausted or can feel pain, tightness, or stiffness, start your workout slowly. Retrying any movements that day will only make them worse. Never forget to drink water, dance, and have fun.

source: https://www.poleactive.com/blogs/news/top-tips-for-pole-dance-safety


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