7 Signs of Roof Damage Infographic

It’s not always easy to recognize roof issues. Sadly, just because you cannot see something does not imply it does not occur. Early detection can help you save money and limit further damage and problems. Examine these indications of roof damage so you can take steps before the issues worsen.

Leaks and Stains Inside

This is the clearest indication that there are serious problems with your roof. Call a roofing professional right once your home shows signs of moisture penetration. If water is entering, whether it is actively dripping or manifests as water stains on your walls, ceiling, or floors, your roof is no longer doing its job.


Mold is a warning that your roof isn’t functioning correctly, much like stains inside indicate. You should take immediate action to solve this problem as well because mold can have negative effects on your health. Visible mold in your attic or close to the roof line is a clear sign that you have a roofing problem. Investigate deeper to determine if you might have a mold problem brought on by roof issues that allowed water to enter your home if your nose is alerting you to a problem.

Gutter Issues

Gutter problems could point to the need for a thorough cleaning, but they might also point to a roofing concern. If the gutters are overflowing with water, something is probably wrong. Overflows can eventually harm your landscape or let water seep behind your protective siding.


Go to your attic during the day and switch off the lights. Do you notice any tiny, bright sunspots penetrating through openings, gaps, or cracks? Rain, snow, and even bugs can all enter if light can. Although entering your attic in the dark may make you feel a little uneasy, roof issues are far scarier.

Missing Shingles

Your roof experiences piercing sunshine, gale-force winds, thick ice, and snow. It’s obvious that your roof needs repair if you see bare places where shingles have been lost. Your home is exposed to additional harm when that barrier is breached, including dangers like mold growth and water leaks. Address the issue if your shelter is losing shingles right away to prevent more damage.

Visual Irregularities

Investigate any shiny areas, ripples on the roofing surface, or indicators of unevenness to see whether they could be precursors to a roofing problem. Early detection allows you to stop more damage from occurring and solve the issues without needing to make expensive repairs or replacements.

Ice Dams

When heavy snow melts during the day and then freezes as dense ice on the edge of your roof at night, ice dams are created. They may be an indication that your roof is not draining properly. Ice dams can significantly harm your roof and gutter systems in addition to signaling potential roof or gutter problems.

It is imperative that you do something right away if you see any of these symptoms. Contact a reputable shingle roofing provider as soon as you notice any potential issues.

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