7 Steps to Seal the Deal with Top Talent Infographic

Recruiting is an arduous process of sorting resumes and scheduling interviews. Rarely do you come across a candidate with the skills and knowledge who can give insightful answers to interview questions. This one is undeniably a top candidate who you want to join your team. But with many companies looking for these top candidates, you need to take the right approach to win them over, or else you’ll lose them to others.

Understand Your Reputation

Top candidates are probably aware of their assets, skills, and favorable negotiating position. They would not have applied if you hadn’t made their list of top places to work. However, while studying your business, customers can run across viewpoints or data that don’t exactly create a positive picture. Be ready to respond to their inquiries honestly and unapologetically. Your willingness to be transparent about your employee turnover rate, prospects for promotion, and why there is a vacant position can swiftly allay any reservations about working for you.

Create a Proper Pitch

Routine interview inquiries that appear unimportant at the time could end up being the key to hiring a prospect in the future. Find out why they applied for the job, and ask about their professional aspirations and career goals. Pitch your business and this position as the means of attaining their objectives. Be explicit about the chances you may provide them in the position they are applying for as well as when they are working for your business.

Highlight the Benefits

While you can learn a lot about a potential employee during an interview, there are some things you might not learn until you have worked with them for a while. The perks you consider to be most significant might not matter to your prospect. Different incentives inspire different people in different ways. Omitting the wrong answers could effectively exclude a highly qualified individual.

Provide Market-Based Compensation

How much should a new employee be paid? The response to this perplexing query varies considerably and will be influenced by several factors. What benefits do comparable jobs provide? What level of experience does the applicant possess? What is the job’s scope? If you know how your offer stacks up against others, you may simply avoid losing your best applicant over money.

Take the Chance

Consider how much time you are giving your applicants. They may look at alternative offers if the application and interview process are too onerous. Identify the preferred contact method for each candidate. Inform them of your progress and where they stand. Keep in touch with them if they are a top candidate, so they know you are still interested. They will value your openness and resolve to make a swift transition from submitting a resume to accepting an offer.

Display Sincere Interest

Interviewers are expected to conduct themselves fairly and, to some extent, impartially as they evaluate candidates. Let them know you are interested in them after you have reduced the pool and chosen your top applicants. Encourage the rest of your staff to voice their support for hiring your top applicant. Your company may seem more desirable to potential employees if they know their coworkers recognize their future contributions.

Not Pushing

Even with everything you can do, some candidates could be hesitant to sign a contract. They may consider alternative job offers if they are extremely coy about the reasons they choose not to accept yours. They might not be the greatest fit for your business if you have made your best pitch and provided a competitive wage, and they are still not convinced.

Employers are looking for employees that will arrive at work eager to contribute to the team and the business. When a candidate is not completely sold on your offer, you can move on to other qualified applicants without hesitation. Employing the right tactics and strategies might improve your chances of hiring bright people who can aid in the growth and expansion of your company.

source: https://perelson.com/7-steps-to-sealing-a-deal-with-top-talent/


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