7 Sustainable Tips for Tire Consumers Infographic

Living an eco-friendly lifestyle is a common goal, though daunting given climate change, ocean acidification, and deforestation. Yet, small changes matter when embraced collectively. Sustainable consumerism involves plant-based diets, reduced plastic use, and eco-friendly clothing, but tire consumption is vital too. Extending tire life and supporting recycling are key. Simple habits like monitoring pressure, rotating, and selecting retreaded tires help curb waste and emissions. In order to fulfill these two goals, we must evaluate a number of useful recommendations:

Drive well

Drive carefully and steer clear of abrupt turns and stops to prolong the life of your tires. By doing this, tire wear will be delayed. Driving carefully is beneficial for your tires as well as your general safety. To avoid hurrying, which can lead to unneeded stress and tire wear, it’s a good idea to plan ahead and depart early. Your eco-friendly driving practices will also help your passengers.

Get your suspension alignment checked

Unbalanced friction on your tires can result from a mismatched suspension in your car. As a result, the tire may wear out unevenly and become dangerous to use on the road. Check your tires frequently to determine whether the tread is wearing unevenly to avoid this. Ask the mechanic to examine your car’s alignment and make any necessary corrections when you bring it in.

Limit your time in the car

Driving less means your tires will last longer, which saves you money on buying new tires. You can reduce the number of tires you need over your lifetime. If possible, try biking to work or events and see how much longer it takes compared to driving. You may be surprised at how quick biking can be. Plus, biking lets you avoid traffic and find a parking spot.

Learn about tire recycling

Many people don’t know what happens to tires when they stop working. The majority of them are recycled, though, which is excellent news because it will help you express your decisions to others and make better purchase judgments.

Support recycled rubber products

Old tires are shredded into smaller bits using specialized machinery when they are no longer useful. These fragments can be used to make a variety of products, including rubber powder, crumb rubber, and fuel. These tire components are used by numerous businesses and industries to create things like sports fields and highways. Rubber mats and supplies for your backyard are a couple of daily items that are created from recycled tires.

Upcycle old tires

Not all used tires are recycled at facilities. Old tires can be used to create entertaining and inventive objects like swings, flower boxes, teeter totters, and compost bins rather than being thrown away. Google searches yield a wide variety of suggestions, from amusing to useful.

Start a tire recycling business.

Tire recycling can be a good business idea that many people may not know about. All you need to start a tire recycling company is tire shredding equipment and old tires to shred. Many people consider old tires a waste and are willing to give them away. This business can be profitable and help the environment by reducing waste.

source: https://ecogreenequipment.com/7-tips-to-become-a-sustainable-tire-consumer/


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