7 Things to Ask Yourself Before Building an App Infographic

Before embarking on the app development journey, embark on an introspective exploration as a company. Like cooking without a recipe can yield unsatisfactory results, venturing into app development without a clear vision may lead to pitfalls. Here’s a roadmap to illuminate your path:

What’s the problem you’re trying to solve with your app?

Pinpoint the specific problem your app resolves for your target audience. Apps thrive on simplifying lives, so identify the challenge your app addresses. RunKeeper stores all of the stats on your latest runs so you can improve speed and endurance. Pro Metronome helps musicians keep an even tempo. OpenTable lets you lock in your Saturday night dinner reservations so you don’t end up on the waitlist. What problem will your app solve for your target audience?

Is there demand for this app?

Ensure a viable market exists for your app through customer interviews. Continuous validation is essential, as customer feedback guides your efforts. Employ diverse tools such as cold calls, surveys, and landing pages to gauge demand accurately. Scrutinize the competitive landscape to unearth your distinctive edge.

How will this app benefit your company?

While catering to customer needs, your app should contribute to your business’s bottom line. A robust app boosts brand recognition as customers engage with your logo on their devices, fostering trust and loyalty. Enhanced customer service, streamlined scheduling, and efficient interactions improve the bottom line. At the same time, apps serve as direct marketing channels, staying top of mind and prompting increased sales through timely notifications of special offers. By providing value, apps create loyal customers, ultimately ensuring a substantial return on investment and a strategic boost to your business. The last thing you want to do is invest time and money in an app that won’t bring any return, so make sure you have clear expectations about how your app will boost business.

Do you have adequate budget to invest in your app?

Embarking on app development necessitates an investment, and prudent allocation of resources is essential. Prioritize quality over haste, as a poorly developed app can tarnish your brand’s reputation. As you consider your budget, remember that it’s better to have an app that works seamlessly with fewer features than an app with many features but works poorly. You want to delight your customers, not frustrate them.

Which platform is best?

Choose the platform that harmonizes with your audience’s demographics and behaviors. Tailor your choice for an optimal user experience. Each platform has unique attributes and drawbacks, influencing user adoption rates.

What’s your release/post-release plan?

Embrace an MVP (minimum viable product) release strategy to introduce your app to the market efficiently. Leverage user data to refine features, avoiding the pitfalls of over-engineering. This agile approach empowers you to control costs while maximizing impact.

What can you do yourself and what do you need to outsource?

Decide which aspects of app development can be handled in-house and which necessitate outsourcing. Formulate a comprehensive plan from design and development to customer support and marketing.

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