7 Things to Know About Paid Time Off for Veteran's Disability Treatment Infographic

The 2015 Wounded Warriors Federal Leave Act acknowledges that disabled veterans deserve extended leave to care for their injuries and that their injury risks are far greater than those of civilians. Moreover, the new federal leave category called Disabled Veteran Leave is established by the Wounded Warriors Federal Leave Act. It enables veterans to take their needed number of leaves without suffering consequences for receiving care for their service-connected impairments.

Under the Wounded Warriors Federal Leave Act, who qualifies for Disabled Veteran Leave?

  • worker of the federal government hired on or after November 5, 2016
  • a veteran* with a 30% or higher service-connected disability rating

*A veteran is someone who served in the military and was released/discharged under conditions other than dishonorable for the purposes of the Disabled Veteran Leave.

Under the Wounded Warriors Federal Leave Act, what am I entitled to?

Federal employees are eligible for an additional 104 hours (13 days) of disabled veteran leave on top of their standard sick days. It can only be utilized for medical care related to a disability acquired while servicing. It is only valid for the first year of employment and is a one-time incentive. Unused hours will be lost after one year.

What proof should I provide to my employer that my leave qualifies as Disabled Veteran Leave?

First, show your employer proof of your VA disability rating, which must be at least 30%. To use Disabled Veteran Leave, you must then submit an application. Each agency will choose whether this communication should be electronic, verbal, or both. Submit the request before your leave. Certify in it that you are using your leave time to receive medical care for a handicap that is related to your service.

If your agency asks for a doctor’s certification, you must deliver it within 15 days, unless the agency finds that a longer time (not over 30 calendar days) is necessary. Your employer might demand that you offer:

  • treatment date and time
  • a certification from your doctor that the procedure is tied to your service-connected impairment
  • a certification that the therapy was necessary for your practitioner if you did not request leave in advance

Can I still get treatment beyond the 104 hours I am required to complete or if I am still employed by the federal government past my first year?

Sadly, 104 hours is not enough time to address the majority of service-related sicknesses since many of them require lifetime care. Although the Wounded Warriors Leave Act only covers the first year of employment with the federal government, there are still additional leave policies and workplace flexibility choices, including:

  • annual leave
  • sick leave
  • advanced leave
  • leave without pay
  • donated leave
  • compensatory time off
  • leave provided under the Family and Medical Leave Act

Alternate work schedules and telework possibilities are also available.

Is Disabled Veteran Leave applicable to private companies?

No. Only civilian federal workers have access to it.

How should I handle a transfer to another federal agency?

You can transfer with your Disabled Veteran Leave. The previous agency ought to inform the new agency of your remaining vacation time and the day when your 12-month eligibility term ends.

In the case of not receiving a 30% veterans disability rating, will I be able to take paid leave?

A lot of veterans are not given the proper VA rating. To find out how our education-based coaching program will assist you in obtaining the VA rating to which you are legally entitled, get in touch with a reliable company to help you take control of the claims process.

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