7 Things You Need When Disaster Strikes Infographic

Have you heard the news about disasters and that thousands of people were casualties (dead), others are misplaced, properties were ruined while some people went missing? Was this because the disasters were too much to handle? Or simply because these people were not informed making them unprepared that a disaster would strike in their area? Whether it is true that they were not informed and that they are suffering from injuries, you cannot blame anyone else. But, simply because they did not prepare for its coming. Actually, even if there was no warning from the local government units, you should prepare every day especially if trends show that your location is always affected by natural disasters. This infographic will help you protect from the worst scenario whenever disaster comes.

1. What you need the most is water. You can’t stay for a day without water because it will dry your mouth and throat that may cause irritation. It is better if you just buy many gallons intended for each of your family members. That is why it is a good habit to always stock water even if disasters have not come yet.

2. Aside from water, food is also essential for survival. There are lots of non-perishable goods that you can buy. However, you need to always check your goods because it might pass through the expiration date and it will be useless if it can’t be eaten when disaster strikes.

3. During earthquakes, there will be falling debris. When there is a typhoon, you might be injured. There are many unwanted circumstances during a disaster. A simple cut may turn into a big problem if it is infected by chemicals brought by fire or flood water. Therefore, having first aid kit inside the house will minimize possible damages or injuries brought by the disaster. More so, first aid kits are used not just in time of disasters but also during accidents at your own home.

4. Do you have elderly at home? Do you take medications? If possible, stock much of your prescription drugs in your medicine cabinet.

5. It is suggested by rescuers that one must always bring their identification documents. So, always put your documents in a safe place and keep them intact as well. When a fire breaks out, you can go to one place and save these documents. Why do you need these documents? It will be easier to process papers and insurance claims if all of your documents are available. You will not experience the hassle of requesting and waiting for the documents to arrive if you will still have to request them.

6. Another important document that you must secure is your insurance policies. If possible, put it in a safety box outside your own home. Especially if your properties cost a lot, ensuring that the insurance policies are safe could lessen the burden that you will feel.

7. This is actually more beneficial to business owners. Disaster Recovery Plans or business continuity plans allow you to cope with the interruptions easily. It is a document that provides details of how you can recover from the damages you have sustained. In other cases, this could include emergency funds which you can utilize to defray all expenses related to the disaster.

source: https://www.disastercompany.com/why-do-you-need-an-emergency-plan/


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