7 Tips to Beat the Heat For Your Summer Pole Routine Infographic

The benefits of summer include longer days, time spent outside, and tanned skin. However, if it affects your grip, practicing on a pole can become difficult and dangerous. As the temperature rises, remember the following guidelines:

1. Avoid Sunbathing, Tanning, or Spending Time Outside

Trying to refrain from these activities on the days you intend to dance may be difficult in the thick of the summer. Spending time outside before class increases your risk of becoming dehydrated, overheated, or experiencing heat stroke. None of them are the best exercises for pole dancing.

2. Keep Hydrated

Dehydration makes it more likely that you may get headaches or feel lightheaded when training, which is an issue when performing pole climbs or inversions. It’s essential to drink enough water to maintain your cardiovascular system healthy and to keep you safe throughout class.

3. Freeze Everything

Before class, place your water bottle in the freezer for a few hours by filling it only halfway. A chilled beverage keeps you comfortable during your regimen. Rinse a washcloth or small towel in water, wring off the extra water, and place it in the freezer in a plastic bag or Ziploc while you put your bottle in the freezer. Bring it to class with you for a cooling pad that won’t leak. Rub it on your neck, foot, wrists, and other temperature-regulating areas of your body every few steps.

4. Wash Your Hands Before Class

Excess perspiration, natural oils, and lotions that you might have neglected to apply will be removed. Before beginning your practice, you may also run cool water over your wrists and splash it over your face and neck. Starting out with this will help you stay cool.

5. Use a Fan or Dry Your Sweat

Have a decent fan pointing at your pole if you’re working alone in a studio or practicing at home. Your body will stay chilly, and any perspiration will help to dry up. If you influence it, turn the air conditioning up for your practice. Always have wicking towels on your hand to blot up any additional perspiration in between movements.

6. Try Out Different Pole Dancing Hand Grips in Class

There are things to aid you if your control is weak. For dry to normal skin, Dew Point is fantastic. Chalk could be a better alternative to help regulate sweat if you have oily skin. Along with your armpits, you should use antiperspirant everywhere you are likely to perspire. Most should offer round-the-clock service. Use it the night before so that it will stick and be effective in class.

7. Don’t Forget the Vodka

Sadly, it’s not for drinking. Dehydration results from it. Cheap vodka or rubbing alcohol are both effective ways to clean your pole, depending on the cost. They assist in drier skin for grip. Concentrating on your stomach, upper body, knee pits, or any other area of your body where you need more grip for your routine, dab a bit on a cloth and wipe down your entire body.

source: https://www.poleactive.com/blogs/news/7-tips-to-beat-the-heat-for-your-summer-pole-routine


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