7 Tips to Drive Safe Near Big Rigs Infographic

Driving in the road with lots of cars alongside is scary especially for new drivers. What more if the road is joined by a ten-wheeler truck loaded with tons of cement or something? You would probably even stop in the corner and wait for them to pass by. This is true for new drivers but for those who consider themselves as an expert on the roads, they would keep on driving. Those driving with smaller cars may rationalize that they can easily get out of the situation. That is not true, the smaller your car is, the more prone you will be to damages. Hence, when you are surrounded by trucks, you have to give way and, as much as possible, find your way out of the road. Keeping you safe whenever there are big trucks on the road is simple. You just need to know what some of the weaknesses of the truck driver are. These factors are listed in this infographic.

1. When you are in the intersection and the driver seemed to be going left, give them an appropriate amount of space so that he can maneuver the truck easily.

2. If the truck follows you, always watch out for your rearview mirror so that when the driver is losing control, you can easily avoid it. On the other hand, if you are the one situated in the back of the truck, always keep a safe distance. Because of its length, truck drivers have blind spots. Placing yourself in such blind spot may mean wreckage of your car and death for you and your passengers.

3. Truck drivers often find it hard to brake. It responds too slowly that when your distance is not far enough, you could hit it.

4. Road conditions are significant to drivers because it will affect their driving experience. During winter, the road is slippery and it would be hard for you to drive. This case could be far worse in truck drivers. Remember that they are carrying heavy loads and their brake system is not as fast as tours, hence, when the road conditions are bad, you must avoid the truckers.

5. At times, the truck will have to change lanes. However, it will be difficult because of their size and weight. If the truck driver signals that they need to change the lane probably because they are going to refill gasoline or get a different turn, be kind enough to adjust in these situations. Doing this favour may mean saving yourself from any possible accident with the truck.

6. Truck drivers often try to give a right of way after merging into traffic. But, it does not happen often. Sometimes, they are trapped in a situation wherein they don’t have a choice but to hit a car or a pedestrian. If you don’t want to get involved with such bad luck, better find an alternative way of going to the place where you are set to go.

7. Trucks are big. That is enough to remind you that you must always let them have the way first.

source: https://www.tingeylawfirm.com/stay-safe-by-thinking-like-a-truck-driver/


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