7 Tips to Reduce Neck Sagging Infographic

There are several methods to tighten up your neck, depending on how much skin sag there is associated with aging. Here are several treatments that our Lexington neck lift surgery experts suggest, ranging from straightforward exercises you may do at home to operations and implants.

Jaw exercise

To keep those biceps taut, you lift weights. Why not exercise the neck muscles as well? Here are some straightforward everyday activities. Perform them as you watch your preferred program or listen to music.

  • Chew – Chew more to maintain the strength of your neck muscles. Try it with a large piece of bubble gum or try it without the gum and just chew your jaw.
  • Kiss the air – Adjust your head tilt so that you are gazing up at the ceiling. Next, do kissing motions for five minutes while puckering up.
  • Heads up – Lift your head and neck off the ground while lying on your back. Now rotate it very slowly and carefully in a side-to-side motion.


A prescription medication that can be injected under the skin is called Botox. The muscles are momentarily relaxed, which minimizes wrinkles. Depending on how severe the sagging or how deep the wrinkles are in your neck, a regimen of Botox injections every three to four months may be sufficient to remove the bands and creases.


Hyaluronic acid, for example, is one type of filler that is injected beneath the skin. Collagen production may be encouraged by fillers, giving skin more volume and fullness. With a year or longer of durability, a filler can help smooth out wrinkled neck skin.


For double chins, Kybella can be highly useful. Kybella prevents fat cells from storing fat deposits beneath your jaw by shutting them off. Kybella injections are typically administered once a month for three to six months, but after your whole course is complete, the effects ought to be long-lasting.

Neck liposuction

Neck liposuction can be an easy technique to get rid of fat that has built up there if you have enough muscle tone in your neck and the area around your jaw. In fact, one of the most common liposuction procedures is neck liposuction. Small incisions will be made behind your ears and under your chin by our neck lift surgeon, who will also remove any extra fat and sculpt your neck to seem younger.

Neck lift

A partial or full neck lift surgery for your crepey or sagging skin may be your best option for a long-lasting cure if your neck muscles have grown lax. It can be supplemented with liposuction if necessary. A face lift and a neck lift may occasionally be combined for a complete facelift. These weak muscles are strengthened by a neck lift, giving you a solid foundation for maintaining a gorgeously shaped neck.

Chin implant

Your neck skin may be sagging because your chin bone is not prominent enough. In a minimally invasive procedure, we can add an implant, typically made of silicon, to your chin bone.

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