7 Ways to Support Your Teen During a Move Infographic

The first step in minimizing tension so that you can devote more energy to your children’s needs is to hire a moving company in Utah. Here are seven strategies to aid your teen in adjusting to the move, whether you’re doing it for work, to be nearer to family, or for another reason.

Mental Preparation

There are always advantages to consider, even if you’re downsizing, such as an outstanding environment, wonderful fellow citizens, lovely views, or anything else that would delight your family. Trust your parental instinct to help your child emotionally prepare for their new home because you know them best.

Don’t Rush It

Depending on your schedule and the details of your situation, this one can be a little challenging, but it’s crucial to avoid overburdening and pressing your kids. Assure them they don’t need to worry about major pressures and must have fun and be kids.

Consider delaying the move for a few days instead of a few hours. If you’re moving far away, this might not be practical, but in other cases, you can bring boxes over in advance and start your move gradually before the precise move-in date. Later, you can hire a moving truck to deliver bulkier items like furniture.

Save Their Meaningful Items

Be kind and courteous when going through your teen’s stuff because they are already saying goodbye to their former life. Even though it may be tempting to throw away things that appear old and worn, they may be some of their most cherished possessions. By letting them keep their sentimental belongings, you’re acknowledging their sentiments and assisting them in coping.

Try to Keep Them at the Same School

Of course, this will only be possible if you stay in your current city or state. Keep your children in the same school if you’re moving locally to lessen the load. Making new friends, adjusting to a new environment, and switching schools are some of the most challenging elements of moving for teenagers. In a significant adjustment, remaining at the same school will give them a feeling of normalcy.

Encourage Them to Stay in Touch with Friends

Teenagers have to say goodbye to their friends and their community, which is one of the reasons moving is such a stressful and emotional experience for them. Ensure your teen that they have access to technology, letters, and in-person visits to stay in touch with their friends. Then, keep your word firmly.

Validate Their Feelings

Try to support your teen during this time and show compassion for them. Recognize that this is a complex process and that it’s acceptable for them to feel and share their emotions. Assure your teen that you are in this with, acknowledge that it is difficult for you, but express your gratitude for the opportunity to do it.

Get Professional Help if Necessary

There is no shame in asking for outside assistance if your kid is seriously struggling and your circumstances include a responsibility that you believe is too much for them. Of course, only time will tell if this is necessary. It’s typical for kids to experience a range of emotions in response to the relocation, but if they exhibit different emotions than usual—such as anger, depression, anxiety, or distress—consider enrolling them in counseling. They can cope, recover, and move on with early intervention. Moving might be particularly difficult for teenagers with mental illness.

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