8 Myths About Facelifts Infographic

Millions of individuals have invested in facelift cosmetic surgery to rejuvenate their look, yet various things need clarification. Here are some myths that you should be mindful of when considering a facelift:

Myth 1

If you think that Botox and other topical treatments can provide the same level of beautification as a surgical procedure, then think again. Though these non-invasive methods offer short-term results, they cannot adequately address aging’s underlying causes: loose skin, weak muscles, and weakened connective tissue. For more profound beauty benefits that last longer than surface solutions alone can bring, it is essential to opt for an advanced surgery treatment plan. By targeting aging from its deepest origins instead of simply addressing symptoms at the surface level, you will achieve results with more enduring power and greater improvement.

Myth 2

Dispel the notion that only females use facelift surgery to appear younger because many males also request this procedure. In truth, since 2000, there has been an immense surge in popularity among men for these types of operations – over 20% more than before! It is safe to say that men care about their looks as much as women do when considering facial rejuvenation treatments.

Myth 3

Refuting the idea that individuals are too young for a facelift, facial aging is mainly due to age and lifestyle. Rather than selecting a full surgical procedure, you have many treatments available that don’t need any huge operation, such as brow lift or upper eyelid surgery.

Myth 4

Misconceptions often lead people to believe that a facelift involves an extensive recovery period. However, modern techniques have reduced this significantly so that you can return to your daily life quickly and without difficulty. Most patients report minimal postoperative pain controlled with over-the-counter medications within a few days.

Myth 5

Dispel the myth that surgical procedures leave visible marks on your face. Instead, facelift surgeries will improve the definition of your existing facial features for a more youthful and rejuvenated you without drastically altering how you look. The surgery often involves incisions in places that won’t be noticeable or even invisible altogether.

Myth 6

Never assume that a facelift is incompatible with other treatments – it certainly can! When you are in sedation, your surgeon can complete various procedures, such as a neck lift, facial implants, eyelid/brow lifts, laser resurfacing, and fat grafting. Therefore, speak thoroughly with them regarding all available options to maximize your results from this transformative procedure.

Myth 7

Refrain from assuming that a facelift will provide you with permanent results. While your skin still ages, you can enjoy the effects of this procedure for up to 10 years if it is taken care of properly. Implementing a healthful lifestyle inside and out can help preserve your accomplishments, and occasional touch-ups can further extend them.

Myth 8

It is vital to remember that no two facelifts are alike. Considering your unique facial structure, your surgeon will ensure you receive a treatment tailored specifically for you and the desired results. Your personalized process may include repositioning the layer beneath your skin, restoring volume in areas requiring more focus, or other surgical treatments like brow lifts and eyelid modifications.

To rid yourself of these baseless claims, you can best consult a board-certified plastic surgeon and get to know your treatment options. This way, you can find what works for your body type specifically, enhancing your appearance in a safe yet long-lasting manner.

source: https://lexingtonps.com/eight-myths-about-facelifts-you-should-stop-believing/


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