8 Pointers to Be A Soror Infographic

Being a sorority member transforms your life in all the most powerful ways. There are a few official and unofficial things to be mindful of so let’s go through what to anticipate.

Official Tips:

You must complete the required number of service hours.

Every group is different, but the majority demand a certain total of hours of volunteer work. The majority of sororities demand that the group you served provide proof of your service.

You will need to meet high GPA requirements.

All of the Divine 9 sororities place elevated importance on education. You must also meet a GPA requirement in those subjects in addition to having earned a certain amount of college credits. Learn the eligibility constraints for the sorority you wish to join.

You will require letters of recommendation, so acquire them.

A competent letter of recommendation is required to attest to your character. Before you start this procedure, have a list of viable letter writers in mind. So that they have enough time to write a letter for you, ask them far in advance.

Unofficial Tips:

Choose a stylish, plain outfit.

It could be alluring to arrive at an exuberance wearing a leather jacket from Delta Sigma Theta, but it might come out as arrogant. Right now, it’s better to wear neutral clothing. Do not wear sorority clothing or even sorority colors. Your best bet will be to wear elegant, stylish clothing in neutral colors. Do not forget that this is a job interview. Whether or whether you are selected will depend on how you promote yourself.

Avoid partying too hard.

Contrary to widespread opinion, sororities are not only drinking and partying groups. Unruly behavior brought on by excessive drinking is a simple method to attract unwanted attention. Participate in every meeting. It takes a lot of dedication to join a sorority. Try your best to reposition your schedule to include all of the activities and meetings for your potential sorority.

Put your best foot forward.

If you adhere to the requirements, keep in mind that the sorority members will vote on your membership. Be cordial. Showcase your compelling traits while demonstrating how you can benefit the group. Avoid being overpowering; making an effort that is too great might backfire. Be authentic so that sorors may see what you will actually provide to the group.

Be on time.

You’ll have a few added minutes to socialize with current sorors and make a good impression on them if you arrive early to an event. This will make you more distinctive. You could lose your seat and your opportunity to pledge if you arrive late. Verify that you accurately recorded the date, time, and place. If you’re mistaken about this information, you won’t get a pass.

Keep in mind that simply passing the standards for the application does not guarantee you a place in a sorority. You must demonstrate to the existing members your commitment to joining and show them what you can contribute. Joining a sorority requires a significant commitment. Breathe in deeply. Give it your all. And best of luck!

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