8 Reasons to Choose Cloud-Based Surveillance Cameras Infographic

Many organizations, including private companies, government agencies, healthcare providers, and financial institutions, understand the importance of increased security measures. One effective way to achieve this is through the use of CCTV video surveillance. Such systems can help protect your business from various threats, such as vandalism, theft, intrusion, fire, and floods.

When considering a video surveillance system, one must decide between a Network Video Recorder (NVR) or a cloud-based solution. Though NVR is popular in the enterprise world, it is recommended that modern businesses opt for a cloud-based security system due to its various advantages. Here are a few reasons why.

1. Easier Setup

Installing cloud-based video surveillance systems is simpler than NVR systems as there is no need for intricate wiring in the cameras to display multiple video feeds. All you need is a wireless router connected to the internet, basic wiring to power the device, and a cloud camera. Additionally, maintaining cloud surveillance systems is effortless and does not require an IT or security professional for system checkups.

2. Greater Flexibility

With cloud video surveillance, you have the option to add new cameras, upgrade or downgrade, and adjust storage space with greater flexibility compared to an NVR system. Cloud systems utilize physical storage across multiple servers that can be customized to meet your needs. You can easily deploy additional cameras, servers, and locations without having to alter your existing hardware.

3. Access Anytime, Anywhere

If you need to view footage on your NVR, it may be inconvenient to travel to the location of the system. However, with cloud-based video surveillance, you can access the footage from anywhere as long as you have internet. This allows for easy and convenient viewing at any time.

4. Maximum Decoding

Clear and sharp images can be captured over a wider area with the help of high-resolution cameras. These cameras also allow for zooming in on important details such as work cards or license plates. However, it is important to pair high-res CCTVs with a system that provides enough bandwidth, storage, decoding, and scalability. Cloud video surveillance systems meet all of these requirements, while NVR systems may require additional hardware and storage to produce HD imaging.

5. Scalable Storage

When you use NVRs for video surveillance, they can only hold a small amount of data. If your NVR breaks, you won’t be able to access a day or two of recorded footage. However, with cloud video surveillance, the amount of data storage increases as you record more footage. Additionally, the data is automatically backed up in multiple locations to ensure you always have access to a copy in case of technical issues.

6. Seamless Upgrades

For a video surveillance system to function at its best, upgrades are essential. However, upgrading an NVR system can be costly and require professional IT support due to extensive installations. Cloud video surveillance systems offer a more convenient and cost-effective solution. Upgrades happen seamlessly without the need for additional on-site support or equipment, unlike with NVR systems.

7. Convenience

When retrieving footage from standard HDDs, it can take several hours. However, with a cloud surveillance system, you can instantly download and share high-resolution clips and images. This is particularly important when you need to submit evidence. Additionally, you can access your secured locations quickly and easily through the internet.

8. Agility

Thanks to an abundance of technology partners and open API platforms, adding additional features to cloud-based video surveillance systems has become much simpler. You can now utilize the latest analytics capabilities as they become available and rely on AI-powered search and detection tools to investigate incidents with greater speed.

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source: https://www.greatservice.com/8-reasons-to-choose-cloud-based-surveillance-cameras-over-nvr/


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