8 Signs Your Crawl Space Needs Repair Infographic

The low-lying space that serves as a barrier between a home and the ground below is rarely given any attention by Utah homeowners. In addition to being vulnerable to moisture, the crawl space draws a variety of pests. Fortunately, by fixing crawl space damage quickly, you can avoid being faced with a big price. The following are some warning indications that your crawl space has problems:

1. Moist

Moisture is one of the most obvious symptoms that your crawl space needs to be repaired. Moisture can infiltrate your home’s foundation in a number of ways, including roof leaks, groundwater seepage, inadequate insulation, and poor drainage near the foundation.

2. Condensation

Crawl space insulation may become moist due to condensation, which could result in more damage. In order to determine whether the insulation has fallen or sagged, you must enter the crawlspace. If it has, the best course of action is to consult an expert with experience in crawl space repair.

3. Mold and Mildew

Mold can grow and thrive in crawl areas because of the wetness and humidity there. Keep the crawl space tidy and free of clutter as well, as this could serve as a feeding supply for mold.

4. Pests

Pests can occasionally go undetected to the unaided eye. You may tell that there are pests in your crawl area if you see any droppings or holes the size of pins in the wood supports. Have a skilled exterminator inspect it and fix any openings that allow these creatures to enter.

5. High Energy Costs

Energy efficiency problems in the crawl space may be indicated by high energy costs. Lack of insulation in the crawl space is a frequent issue that can result in high energy costs.

6. Floor Rotting

There are several things that might cause floor rot in a house, but one of them could be a problem with the crawl space. Particularly if the crawl space is poorly aired, excessive moisture there might infiltrate into the flooring materials and result in rot.

7. Efflorescence

Efflorescence is a white, powdery substance that can appear on the walls of a crawl space. It is caused by water
coming into contact with certain types of building materials and minerals in the soil. If you detect efflorescence, it is a sign your crawl space needs repair.

8. Musty Odor

Is your house emitting a musty smell? It can be an indication that you should pay attention to the crawl space. Get a professional to remove the mold or improve the ventilation in the crawl space to address the primary cause of the smell.

Final verdict

Crawl space damage is a severe issue that needs to be addressed regardless of how old your property is. If you detect any of the aforementioned symptoms in your house, keep an eye out for them and get professional help. A preventative strategy can help your home’s foundation last longer and possibly increase the value of your home when you decide to sell it.

source: https://disastercompany.com/8-signs-your-crawl-space-is-damaged-and-needs-repair/


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