8 Tips After A Bicycle Accident Infographic

Bicycling offers numerous benefits, including a small carbon footprint, a great workout in fresh air and sunshine, and being an economical mode of transportation without the need for gas, car insurance, or maintenance. However, there is a major drawback: cyclists have limited protection against cars that may ignore the bike lane, and bike vs. car accidents can cause serious injuries, some fatal. It is essential to consult a personal injury attorney after a bike accident and consider the risks associated with going it alone.

Bicycle accidents can involve both drivers and at-fault parties, with some parties sharing blame and receiving less compensation for medical bills. The driver of the car may be at fault, while the bike manufacturer may owe damages if there was a mechanical failure. The city may be liable if the road isn’t maintained, lacks proper signage, or is unsafe for bicyclists.

Each case is decided individually, and an experienced bike accident lawyer can help ensure the maximum compensation is received based on the unique circumstances of the accident. Many injured cyclists mistakenly believe they are not eligible for compensation just because they bear some fault. An attorney can draw a clear line between the fault on each side and prevent the opposing party’s insurance company from trying to settle for less than they deserve.

After an accident, cyclists may be focused on immediate health issues and accepting a settlement check to pay immediate bills. However, there are often unexpected costs associated with severe injuries, such as lost wages, long-term injury expenses, adaptive equipment, specialized nursing care, home modifications, physical therapy, massage, chiropractic treatments, additional bills like bike repair or replacement, vehicle payments, or public transportation, and dental work if the accident resulted in facial trauma. Personal injury attorneys who have seen similar injuries can provide a better understanding of future costs.

Don’t give recorded statements

Avoid providing recorded statements as the insurance company may interpret your words out of context, potentially reducing your settlement.

Don’t sign any documents

It is crucial to consult with your attorney before signing any documents, as this may result in inadvertently transferring some of your rights.

If the other party’s insurance company contacts you

If the insurance company of the other party contacts you, provide your attorney’s number.

Take pictures ASAP

Please promptly document any injuries or damage to your vehicle, bike, or property.

Write down the order of events

It is crucial to promptly record the order of events to prevent forgetting important details.

Seek medical treatment immediately

It is crucial to seek medical treatment immediately to document your injuries and their cause, as they can be attributed to the incident or after the fact.

Follow all instructions the doctor gives you on your care

Adhere to doctor’s care instructions to avoid potential lawsuits. If not, other attorneys may argue that you wouldn’t have been in such a bad condition, potentially reducing your settlement amount and making future costs your responsibility.

Wrapping Things Up

An experienced Utah bike accident attorney can protect your rights and help you recover from injuries. They work on contingency fees, allowing you to pay only after winning your case. The benefits can be significant, as your attorney helps navigate Big Insurance tactics and build an indisputable case for your entitled benefits.

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