How-to-Get-Toddler-to-Brush-Teeth Infographic

Oral habit can be developed as early as possible and this would help a child to have healthier teeth even when they grow up. As they said, the way you train the child can have an impact on their future. This would mean a few bucks to spend on a Layton dentist. However, getting a child brush his teeth is next to impossible. Some would even throw tantrums because it’s normal that they would hate that brush. The bristles getting inside their mouth will feel different and annoying for them. However, as parents, it is your job to make sure that they develop their own oral cleaning habit. Here is an infographic that features eight tips that would make your child successfully bright their teeth.

  1. Children always love stories. Be creative by becoming a good storyteller of how the candies they have eaten can cause black holes in their tooth. Some exaggerations and facial expressions can get their attention.
  2. If you see that they aren’t convinced that much and would still show some temper, get some props from a local pharmacy and demonstrate how brushing can clean their teeth. A child learning something new will always keep it in mind.
  3. Playing with them while brushing their teeth is one of the best strategies that you can make. A train wheel circling inside their mouth will make them smile because of its massaging effect. Don’t treat them like grown-ups. Patience is the key.
  4. Another creative strategy is making bubbles while brushing their teeth. More bubbles mean a cleaner teeth. But don’t be too focused on this because they might go and make bubbles even when you are not around.
  5. Choice of toothpaste is also important. Choose a kid’s toothpaste with some flavours that they like the most. Some toothpaste has flavour that they can enjoy. Don’t use toothpaste used by adults because it has a strong flavour and the fluoride content could be too high for a child’s gum.
  6. Who would have thought that a session on brushing your teeth can be a family activity? Be a model and show how you do it. Let your child watch as you brush your own teeth and make them feel like it’s really enjoyable to do. Make your hips move and do some grimace while brushing; this will encourage them to join in. Once that happens, always reinforce the brushing activity.
  7. Find a different place where you can brush your teeth. A picnic, camp or simply sleepover in their grandparents’ house can be a new venue where they can see that you always brush your teeth wherever you go. This would create an impression that they also need to brush their teeth on regular basis.
  8. Remember that they like to feel being in control with the brush. So, tuck them in and put them in front of the mirror. Let them see their self while brushing but of course you stay behind them. This will make them feel more in control of the brush and so they can feel how enjoyable it could be.



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