9 Bathroom Cleaning Do's and Don'ts Infographic

People will think that because they are taking a bath every day, they are already washing off all of the dirt and stains inside the bathroom. This is a wrong notion because dirt and stains can still build up and can cause plaques that resulted in the discoloration of your tiles or floorings. This can also cause the proliferation of bacteria which can pose health risks not just to you but also to your family members who are using the bathroom. This is also the reason why a lot of mothers would really spend time to clean the bathroom to ensure that they are keeping it clean and dirt free most of the time. However, before you clean, you must consider the following do’s and don’ts. This infographic will help you do the job properly.

1. Opt for a daily shower spray because it can cut down slime buildup. It may sound expensive but actually it is considered a worthy investment. It is not often that you can find time to spend an hour or more in just to clean the bathroom. At least with a shower-spray, cleaning is done gradually.

2. Have you heard about a toilet cleaning itself? You can call it automatic toilet cleaning and because of modern technology, it is now available. Some of your household members might be lazy to clean the toilet. This technology would be of great help in keeping your bathroom clean.

3. You might be guilty of keeping cleaning bottles beneath the sink. What do you notice? It east some space and at the same time, it also leaves dirt in this area. So, it is suggested that you use disposable wipes so that when you are done using it; you can simply throw it away.
4. Can you look at the hardware that you are using inside the bathroom? Decide whether it is beneficial or not for the bathroom. If not, just replace it immediately.

5. Now, the next you need to do is scrutinize the contents of your cabinets. Can you see some items or stuffs that are no longer used and will not be used? You can get rid of them so that you can put something else that is used, inside the cabinet.

6. It is common among bathrooms but it actually should not be done. Putting medicine inside the bathroom may expose the medicine to a certain level of humidity that will result to its loss of potency. So, find a different place for your medicine kits.

7. It is not arguable that reading magazines or newspaper while you are doing it inside the bathroom can be satisfying however, these paper materials can be a breeding ground for bacteria especially if it is exposed to moisture. So, better get rid of these papers inside the bathroom and simply concentrate while doing it there.

8. Mothers hate it but fathers and children often do it. That is leaving textiles such as towels and bathrobes inside the bathroom. This act will consume lots of space and at the same time holding moisture just like magazines and books.

9. Lastly, don’t leave your things such as make-up, nail polish, etc.in the countertop.

source: https://www.washingtonstatekitchenbath.com/articles/keeping-your-bathroom-spotless-the-dos-and-donts/


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