9 Chapter Culture Principles Infographic

A group’s culture is defined by the way its members live their lives, starting with each individual’s actions. Expressing gratitude to your sisters shows you value them, their time, and their work, setting a tone of appreciation. Welcoming members warmly at gatherings conveys respect and love, setting a positive stage for events. In group texts, be mindful of your digital persona, aiming to foster positivity rather than negativity. Interactions with others build the foundation of your chapter’s culture; showing genuine enthusiasm and interest in each sister’s life promotes a supportive environment. Speaking highly of fellow members and avoiding disrespect behind their backs reinforces trust and reduces drama, adhering to the principle that everyone’s name is safe within the chapter. Social media posts reflect your chapter’s values, so thoughtfully highlight what you want the world and your sisters to see. When problems arise, focus on solutions and optimism rather than complaints and negativity. Check in on sisters during significant life events, showing care and support, strengthening the chapter’s bond. Finally, incorporate laughter and fun into your activities, keeping things lighthearted. By positively influencing these aspects, you can significantly impact your sorority’s social patterns and interactions.

source: https://lnogreek.com/blogs/news/9-little-ways-to-create-a-positive-chapter-culture


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