9 Divine Nine Sororities Fundraising Ideas Infographic

Divine Nine sororities are dedicated to societal well-being through social justice, education, mentoring, and community empowerment. However, many essential initiatives require funding, such as scholarships, fitness classes, and materials for rallies and marches. Philanthropy, like money, requires a delicate balance to generate funds and sustain meaningful initiatives. Here are nine exciting fundraising ideas that infuse a sense of “fun” into supporting your Divine Nine Sorority.

1. Host a jazz brunch.

A preferred choice for fundraising among Divine Nine sororities involves organizing a jazz brunch. This occasion features smooth jazz tunes and delectable cuisine, creating a space for members and guests to engage in fellowship. Your chapter has the opportunity to sell tickets and secure sponsors for this upscale gathering.

2. Organize a silent auction.

Individuals or organizations can contribute items for this event. Attendees can peruse the items and place bids on their favorites. At the end of a predetermined period, the highest bidder claims the item, and all proceeds contribute to the sorority’s funds.

3. Set up a fashion show.

Collaborate with a local fashion retailer to showcase their latest styles. Some may provide models to display their clothing, while others might involve chapter members taking the stage. Following the fashion show, attendees can view and purchase their preferred items.

4. Hold a bake sale.

Ladies, put on your aprons. If everyone contributes baked goods to a sale, the funds from transactions become pure profit. Create a friendly competition to see whose treats sell the fastest.

5. Organize a raffle.

Similar to a silent auction, individuals or businesses can donate items. Tickets are sold, and a random draw determines the lucky winner of the grand prize.

6. Host a dinner dance.

Similar to the jazz brunch, a dinner dance relies on ticket sales for profit. Featuring a tantalizing menu and the promise of great music and enjoyment, dinner dances are always a hit.

7. Set up a scholarship luncheon.

Sell tickets to a luncheon honoring scholarship recipients. This allows you to showcase the positive impact of the recipients while raising funds for future scholarship winners.

8. Sell swag.

Identify items that can be mass-produced, such as t-shirts or etched tumblers, and sell them. Create appealing AKA, SGRho, ZPB, or DST merchandise. Whether through physical stands or online platforms, this approach reaches a broader audience, though shipping costs should be factored in.

9. Hold a car wash.

Using soap and water, your chapter’s ladies can quickly and enjoyably raise funds. Collaborate with another organization to offer interior detailing and attract more cars to wash.

Some of these fundraising concepts can be combined for greater efficiency. For instance, consider organizing a silent auction during a jazz brunch or selling raffle tickets at a dinner dance. A “Sweets and Swag” fundraiser can also be devised, combining baked goods with Alpha Kappa Alpha, Sigma Gamma Rho, Zeta Phi Beta, or Delta Sigma Theta merchandise to appeal to a wider audience. While coordinating significant events requires effort, focusing on the positive impact your funds will have makes it all worthwhile.

source: https://lnogreek.com/9-fundraising-ideas-for-your-divine-nine-sorority/


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