9 Don'ts of Corporate Events Infographic

Every brand that wants to make it in the industry needs to understand the benefits of corporate events. It is the perfect opportunity where you can offer an entertaining and educational setup to gain loyal customers and show employee appreciation. Execution is important. Otherwise, it can affect your brand and leave you with fewer loyal customers. Take this advice from one of the leading corporate planners about what you should not do when having your corporate event.

Choosing a Contradictory Date

Avoid holidays and days close to other corporate events since nobody wants to attend a corporate event on a holiday or two corporate events back to back. People will pick the other group if it is more well-known than yours. By picking a day that is accessible to anyone, you can avoid competition and unnecessary tension. Making a strong date choice can make or break your attendance figures.

Being Uninteresting

Try to prepare an engaging and amusing presentation to keep people’s attention. Don’t let unnecessary fluff cause your presentation to drag. Keep it brief, pleasant, and direct. A well-prepared presentation that is both interesting and educational will leave an impression on your audience.

Disregarding Wi-Fi Access

Being without Wi-Fi is a surefire way to irritate folks. Make careful to choose a location that can accommodate many internet users and will offer a password if necessary.

Waiting Until The Last Minute

Organizing an event requires preparation. Any visuals that will be used during the event should be tested. It is hardly professional to scramble to correct something in the middle of your function. Plan ahead to make sure everything goes as planned.

Overlooking DEI

Corporate events must prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion for it to be successful. Everyone with a disability, including those in wheelchairs, should be given special consideration. All languages should be inclusive. Make every effort to ensure everyone feels safe and welcome at your event.

Wasting Time On Onsite Registration

There are various online methods for signing up for events. Please don’t make your participants wait in huge lineups to check in and register during your event. Registration in person wastes time and is not mandatory for the event.

Letting The Weather Sabotage Your Event

No matter how hot or how cold it is, poor climate management may make or break your event. It is your obligation to ensure your guests are comfortable. When you’re sweating or shivering, it’s difficult to focus and participate. To maintain your guests’ comfort and attention, understand how to operate the thermostat.

Cutting Corners on Food

Everyone enjoys snacks. A stale cookie or a cup of cold coffee that tastes like it’s been lying out all day will leave guests unimpressed. By employing food assistance, you may prevent this. These individuals will replenish, refill, and replace food and beverages to ensure that nothing goes unattended for an excessive amount of time.

Forgetting to Have Fun

Corporate events should strike the ideal blend between seriousness, knowledge, and pleasure. Remember to include imaginative exercises for your audience. Scavenger hunts, office trivia, karaoke, obstacle courses, and bingo are all excellent activities for business gatherings. Don’t undervalue the games because they can be your attendance’s favorite part of the event. Setting up a friendly competition with prizes is usually enjoyable. Awards don’t have to break the bank; even inexpensive presents can boost the competitive spirit.

Corporate events need extensive organization, effort, and preparation. However, the effort is more than worthwhile when the event is successful. When organizing your next event, keep these nine suggestions in mind to make the process run more smoothly.

source: https://andrewrobyevents.com/nine-corporate-event-planning-donts/


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