9 Easy Hardscaping Tips Infographic

We’ve compiled advice for a successful hardscape installation to assist you when considering adding a hardscape feature to your yard.

1. Plan the entire area.

Have a comprehensive final plan for your entire yard, even if you are starting with one modest project. If you know, you’ll need a gas fire pit in the future, setting aside a spot close to one now will save you the expense (and hassle) of running a line across your yard and beneath your patio later.

2. Picture yourself in the yard.

Consider the spaces’ actual practical use as you arrange your entire yard. You might want to make the patio accessible from the kitchen rather than from the opposite side of the yard if you intend to eat outside frequently. Determine where the sun shines at various times of the day if you want to establish a shaded reading space.

3. Think about the water.

It’s essential to consider drainage while designing a landscape. Planning phases must consider where the water will move to avoid obstructing the best water flow paths and causing future flooding.

4. Don’t forget about the green.

Plan where the plants will go while choosing the hardscape elements you want to include in your yard. A unified and lovely oasis will be created by balancing hardscape and softscape.

5. Budget.

Most of us have a budget to adhere to when we have a big job. Making decisions regarding your plan and the size of the hardscape features will be easier if you know how much you have to spend in advance.

6. Be smart about materials.

A pricey error is installing a whole patio only to discover that you detest the flagstone’s hue. You should conduct an extensive study to ensure you pick the ideal materials for your yard if you want your hardscape to succeed. Make sure to base your decision on something other than appearances because different materials have distinct qualities.

7. Let a professional weigh in.

It is in your best interest to have a professional hardscape business help with the layout, even if you decide to install it yourself, to ensure you see what they are trained to see.

8. Be familiar with your utilities.

You should know your underground utilities’ location before tearing up your lawn, pouring concrete, and placing pavers. Knowing where they are enables you to plan to preserve access where you need to and avoid damaging them. You can phone a number in every state to arrange for someone to stake out your utilities on your behalf. Miss Utility operates in Virginia, although alternative businesses are used in other states.

9. Prepare properly.

It will take a lot of work to prepare the area where your hardscape feature will be installed, such as leveling the dirt beneath the base or building a base. It might be challenging for those who don’t frequently construct hardscapes to determine whether the site has been appropriately prepped before you create the feature. Make sure you do a lot of study about the topic you want to work on to determine what talents are required.

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