9 Facts About How Baseball Hats are Made Infographic

Did you know that baseball hat gets its roots from the traditional and famous games played all over the world? It is actually difficult to establish a beginning date since there are several variations. However, the brand of the baseball we know and love today was played after the Civil War.

The baseball caps are one of the famous hats of people elect to use them. These are famously used by the general public and celebrities as well as the athletes and women costing a couple of dollars, though some are up to a lot of dollars or more.

For additional information, the first official team that wearing baseball caps was the New York “knickerbockers” sometime in 1849. During the 1880s there were three kinds of baseball caps base to catalogs of the era.

Below we shared to you the 9 facts about how baseball hats are made. Let’s find out.


a. Basically, the baseball cap is often made of solid colored wool
b. Some baseball caps are not just for baseball players. But the majority of caps merchandise are used to promote fashion brands which comes in various designs, colors, and fabric.
c. There are some that use buckram or plastic inserted as a stiffening agent in the front panel. Some use sweatbands that are made of cotton, made of plastic or thin leather, etc.
d. There are hats which fastener is made of an adjustable Velcro strap or snapback closure that allows the hat to one-size-fit to most.   


a. Each hat requires either six or eight fabric triangles for the cap. It also needs materials for the visor, peak and plastic extenders at the back.
b. The panels have mesh inner layer which scatters the heat. The mesh inserted to the panel before the panels are sewn together. The eyelets attached to the panels that provide additional ventilation.
c. The embroidery is sewn onto the two front panels before the rest of the pieces that are sewn alongside to form a beanie.
d. The binding tape is applied to the seams in order to give the cap a finished look. The button is covered with the same materials as the cap and put to the center top of the beanie where panels are fitting.
e. The visors are made with buckram inside and covered by the same cap material. The visors together with the adjustable plastic fasteners are then attached to the cap.

Now you know how it made! However, still many people have a misconception with regards to wearing a baseball cap. And that it could make you go “bald.”

Well, baldness only affects when the cap is so tight to the head that it actually pulled out your hair. If the cap size is small, there’s a tendency it cannot accommodate the size of your head.

source: https://acmehatco.com/how-baseball-caps-are-made/


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