9 Features of a Classic Wedding Infographic

Here are nine important facts that may appear little on their own, but when combined, they may help set the ideal mood for your wedding.

1. The Configuration

The entire atmosphere of your ceremony or reception will be induced by the basic layout and feng shui. Planning these things early on will allow you to provide vendors with dimensions for setup, audience flow, capacity, and pricing quotations. Since every detail holds, many brides and grooms find it beneficial to visit the location and sketch it out on paper.

2. The Lighting

One of the finest ways to create mood is through lighting. You may choose how shadowy you want the lighting to be to create a romantic environment in addition to adding colored accent lights to match your wedding colors or establish a certain mood. Another wonderful method to add romanticism to your wedding is using candles. They bring beauty to any occasion in addition to providing light.

3. The Shades

The colors you take may profoundly impact your theme and mood, therefore it’s crucial to pick palettes that are “you.” Choosing a color pallet is preferable to using only one or two colors. By utilizing a variety of lovely hues of your main color, you may give your entire appearance more depth and character.

4. The Shape and Size of the Tables

Despite the fact that people seldom consider it, the sizes and forms of their tables have a natural tendency to inspire particular emotions in the space as a whole. You can decide to be different and combine the two.

5. The Centerpieces

Whatever you put out on your tables will be seen and appreciated. With your table setting, what message are you trying to convey? Perhaps you prefer candles or greenery over flowers and wish to avoid using them altogether.

6. The Sweet Treats

A wedding cake’s cool aspect is that it functions as a decoration. A place in the room where it will be visible should be chosen. Enjoy decorating your cake. You can choose to include fresh flowers or ask your baker to make delectable sugar blossoms. Elevate the cake to give your celebration more depth and individuality. You are not required to stick with a cake if another option fits your style better.

7. The Melody

The selection and playing of music during your wedding are essential for establishing the mood. Music is a terrific way to spice up the party, move from dinner to dancing, and promote enjoyment. The type of entertainment you provide is important since it may influence how much fun those attending have.

8. The Fabrics

Adding unique personality and flair to your wedding is easy by utilizing various textures and materials. For a coordinated yet distinctive aesthetic, mix and match your chair coverings, linens, and sashes. Use your imagination and consider the larger picture.

9. The Setting

Use the resources at your disposal in your surroundings. Having your reception in a green room rather than turning a ballroom into one is more economical. Maybe you pick a location where you can see free amusement park fireworks and go out on a high note!

source: https://andrewrobyevents.com/set-the-right-tone-for-your-wedding-with-these-9-details/


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