9 Items to Leave Behind when Packing for Your Move Infographic

Moving can be a stressful and overwhelming experience, especially when balancing work, family, and social life. But moving may be inevitable for some of us. To prepare for your move, it is essential to be organized and take steps one step at a time. One critical aspect of packing is deciding what to pack and what not to pack.

Some items that pose a danger should be left behind, such as household cleaners, fertilizer, and weed killers. Here some of the most common items to leave behind when moving.

1. Household Cleaners

Household cleaners containing bleach can cause dangerous fumes and fires when combined with other chemicals, especially in the back of a moving truck.

2. Fertilizer and Weed Killer

Fertilizers and weed killers should not be hot, especially for long trips, as they could be harmful to bears.

3. Ammunition

Ammunition should not be transported in the back of a moving truck, as it can cause explosions and be fatal if heated. If ammunition is taken, keep it in a cool vehicle and keep shells away from firearms for safety reasons.

4. Lighter Fluid

Lighter fluid is highly flammable and should not be brought with you. It could combust and burn in the back of a hot moving truck. If you have lighter fluid, give it to a friend or dispose of it properly.

5. Moving Documents

Moving documents should be kept on hand in case of problems or disagreements with your mover.

6. Valuables

Valuable items, such as expensive jewelry, cash, wills, deeds, or other important documents, should be kept in your possession throughout the move.

7. Car Batteries

Car batteries should not be transported in the back of a moving truck due to potential leaks, which are major fire hazards and can lead to skin burns if leaking.

8. Flammable or Explosive Items

To ensure a safe and successful move, avoid packing flammable, corrosive, or explosive items such as gasoline, fuel, acid, poison, lighter fluid, charcoal, paint, car batteries, matches, fireworks, nail polish, motor oil, nail polish remover, weapons, bleach, ammonia, aerosols, propane, kerosene, pool chemicals, and chemical sets.

9. Perishables Foods

Do not take perishable foods or plants with you, as they can spoil during the move. Empty your refrigerator or freezer 24 hours before the moving truck arrives, and leave the doors open to air out the inside. Additionally, don’t pack pets in the moving truck.

In summary, packing for a move requires careful planning and organization, avoiding unnecessary items and ensuring the safety of your belongings.

Your Utah moving company may provide a list of items not allowed for transport in the moving truck. Avoid flammable, corrosive, or explosive items, as well as perishable items like food and plants. Carry valuables, important documents, and sentimental items in your own vehicle instead of transporting them in the moving truck. Pay attention to the list before packing and contact your moving company with any specific questions. Remembering these tips will ensure a safe and successful move.

source: https://utahsmovingandstorage.com/items-to-leave-behind-when-packing-for-your-move/


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