9 Marketing Tips for Plasma Cutting Businesses Infographic

As an emerging CNC company in need of more customers, you may be wondering which marketing channels are best for advertising your manufacturing services. Given that your potential clients are spread out across several platforms, you must embrace an omnichannel mindset to successfully grow your organization. Consider starting with these crucial channels first.

Google Business Account

You may upload pictures and facts about your company, including its services, goods, and location, using this free application. Make sure to properly provide your information so that your profile shows up when people look for CNC machining services.


Get your domain name immediately and create your online presence. If you haven’t developed a website, you may either utilize a website builder to make your own site or employ a web developer to do it for you. With drag-and-drop capability, modern website builders are quick and simple to use and let you personalize the look and feel as well as the content. Because CNC shops aren’t known for having attractive websites, working on the UX of your website might help you stand out from the crowd.


A booth at regional trade shows and community gatherings like “manufacturing day” can help increase awareness of your company. Make sure you have something to show the participants, such as the CNC plasma cutter you use to fabricate unique components, as these events are all about face-to-face engagement.


Using images to draw in clients is a terrific idea. You may promote your equipment, procedure, and culture by creating a profile on Pinterest or Instagram. Additionally, you have the option to make boards and collect material from your sector.

Instagram Hashtags

With regard to visual platforms, Instagram is a fantastic approach to reaching more people in various markets. Use the hashtags #CNCservices and #metalmanufacturing to make your work visible in the feeds of potential customers.


Only CNC shops who post high-quality videos will find success on this channel as prospectors. Spend some time filming your equipment in action in high-quality, then post it to your YouTube Business account.


Providing answers to inquiries on Quora regarding CNC machining will aid in your company’s word-of-mouth promotion. If you’re consistent enough, it will also position you as a thought leader in the area. Customers can also contact you using the contact details provided in your Quora profile.


A good way to connect with potential consumers is through directories. B2B businesses typically search for directories for suppliers since they need a lot of parts and seek suppliers that can meet their demands. Your company can make more money from one or two B2B clients than it can from a few B2C customers.

Facebook Advertisements

Your marketing budget will increase as your clientele does. You may allocate a portion of your budget to Facebook advertisements and carousels that promote your business. You may target consumers with Facebook advertising based on a variety of criteria, including age, geography, industry, etc. Additionally, you have control over the campaign’s budget and duration. Overall, advertising Facebook advertisements is a fantastic approach to connecting with customers in adjacent cities and close by.

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