9 Parenting Tricks to Shade Toddlers with Hats Infographic

Oftentimes, parents would get angry and be scary to their children when giving instructions especially when it is about protecting themselves. However, such a strategy is neither good nor effective. You don’t need to scare them, you need to be smart in parenting your children so that they will always do it even if you are not telling or looking at them. Dealing with toddlers can be more challenging than dealing with other kids because they are hyperactive. It is the stage of their life in which they tend to move a lot whether inside or outside your house. When you go to the park, they will be the first one to run. The question is how can you protect these very active children from direct sunlight to avoid catching skin-related diseases caused by sunlight? This infographic can be of great help.

1. Sun protection is the first step. Aside from their milk, always keep sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher. It will come handy when your child decides to run under the sun in broad daylight. Much better if you can apply it 30 minutes before you go out of the house. If you go to the beach, you must do sunscreen reapplication to ensure that their skin is still protected even if they keep on playing under the sun for hours. Also, one of the tricks to protect your child is to make them wear sunglasses. You can choose sunglasses that come in different colors.

2. Another trick to ensuring kid’s safety is custom hats. Ensure that the hats cover their face very well even their ears and neck. It is understandable that it would be hard to make the children wear hats that is why you can get insights from this infographic.

3. Actually, any hat is better than none at all. Yet, if you have a bid of a budget for other types of hats, you can make it part of the child’s style. At a young age, instruct them that they have to wear hats. Definitely, they will not like it at first but you just need to insist. The child will eventually understand what they are for and it will be part of their habit whenever they go somewhere.

4. Though they are not very expressive about what they like, children need an opportunity to tell the adults what hats they would like to wear. So, let them choose. You can bring them to the shopping center and let them choose what style of hats they would prefer. Consider it as motivation because children will love to choose something for themselves. It is like giving them freedom.

5. Hat designs should also be considered. You can consider the following aspect: mesh, elastic, moisture-wicking, UV protection fabric, brim, weight, and chinstrap. Especially if you have sensitive children, you must consider it thoroughly. Also, if your child is a girl, you would probably look at the style and design.

6. Always remind them of the purpose of the hat. You can make up stories which include the importance of wearing hats, especially by children.

source: https://acmehatco.com/what-to-do-when-your-toddler-hates-hats/


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