9 Risks & Benefits of Essential Oils Infographic

Do you use essential oils? Do you inhale it or you apply it onto your skin? Does it feel good after inhaling it? Did you feel good? Essential oils are commonly used by the people who still believed in traditional medicine. There are various types of essential oils that are put in a bottle and marketed commercially. Does it provide the same benefits if you take it directly from the plant? What if you accidentally swallow the essential oil, would it be dangerous to your body? This infographic provides the risks and benefits of using essential oils. It will guide you properly since some of these oils can actually be deadly.

1. If you are stressed because of your daily work or family problems, use bergamot essential oil. Or do you have eczema which causes your skin to be irritated easily? Bergamot can also be beneficial to improve your skin conditions. However, applying this oil onto your skin should be done carefully and at the right amount because it can also increase your skin’s sensitivity to hot temperature. The result could be a burned skin. Another essential oil that is considered a stress reliever is lavender. It will improve your sleep and will make you feel relaxed. However, there is also risk associated with lavender and that is a hormonal problem among men who did not yet pass puberty.

2. Want to improve memory and boost brain functions? Cinnamon is an effective essential oil for this matter. It could also improve your blood circulation. But, how do you use cinnamon? You need to dilute properly into the water because it can result in nausea, vomiting and vision problems.

3. To fight infections or boost your immune system, you can try the tea tree oil. However, accidentally ingesting it can result in confusion and problems with muscle coordination. Moreover, applying it to your skin can cause a rash. Hence, use it properly and make sure that it will be placed in an area far from children.

4. When you have a cold or cough, eucalyptus is often your first remedy, right? However, eucalyptus oil is dangerous when swallowed. It is poisonous which could trigger seizures and asthma attack.

5. Do you have mood swings, migraines, and headaches? Get relief through lemon essential oils. It can also improve your digestion. But, be careful when you are taking it because it is known for causing photosensitivity. This means that when you apply it on your skin and expose yourself to the sun, you can get burned. But, who would apply lemon on their skin? You wouldn’t.

6. Boost your energy and improve your digestion through peppermint. Lots of people are using it and even include this in their meals. Just don’t apply it on your skin because it can cause rashes and can aggravate the poor skin conditions of people having skin allergies.

7. Having problems with your period because of dysmenorrhea? Try clary sage oil. It is a known antidepressant that can be effective in reducing menstrual cramps. Use it in moderation because it might trigger vertigo, seizures and other heart problems.

source: https://healthylifestyle.org/essential-oils-true-healing-or-glorified-myths/


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