9 Server Room Essentials Infographic

Server rooms are the silent workhorses behind a business’s success, but excess heat can jeopardize data, productivity, and operational continuity. It’s crucial to ensure these spaces remain cool. Switching to LED, CFL, or fluorescent bulbs can reduce heat, easing the strain on your cooling system. Survey your server room and remove any non-essential items to free up space. Avoid residential AC units; they aren’t designed for continuous operation or managing humidity. High moisture leads to condensation, while dryness increases static electricity risks, so use a reliable hygrometer to maintain ideal humidity levels. Isolate the server room from the rest of the building’s climate needs, especially in regions with varying temperatures. Regularly clean to prevent dust and debris from sabotaging efficiency, paying special attention to equipment vents, and schedule maintenance checks for cooling units. Spot coolers at the base of server racks can efficiently draw in hot air and release cool air, maintaining optimal temperatures. Install blanking panels to block hot air from circulating in unused rack spaces. Finally, only essential server and networking equipment should be kept in the server room to reduce the burden on the AC unit, ensuring efficient cooling and air circulation.

source: https://www.greatservice.com/the-importance-of-keeping-the-server-rooms-cool/


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