9 Tips and Tricks for Keeping Track of Your Most Valuable Items Infographic


Moving day’s excitement is paired with worries. Ensuring the safety of your belongings and trusting a new moving team can be challenging. However, addressing tasks progressively makes the process smoother. It’s vital to plan for your valuables, offering both protection and peace of mind. Consider these nine methods to safeguard your assets.

1. Take an Inventory First

Hold on! Before you start packing, it’s crucial to list down your items. Identify and document valuables, deciding their storage during the move. Photographing these items not only helps in inventory but also serves as evidence of their pre-move condition. This way, if anyone claims damage existed prior to the move, you have undeniable evidence.

2. Consider a Safety Deposit Box

For valuables and heirlooms that aren’t immediately needed, think about using a safety deposit box, especially for local moves. This ensures their security. While banks offer this service for a charge, avoid storing items essential for identification or other immediate needs.

3. Store with Someone You Trust

Consider entrusting nearby family members with temporary storage of your belongings until you’re settled. Remember when you helped a friend in need? Maybe it’s their turn to assist. Accept help from reliable friends or family. However, if you’re hesitant about entrusting someone, seek alternative solutions.

4. Declaration Forms

Some moving firms provide declaration forms for your high-value items. It’s wise to utilize them if offered. These forms signify an understanding to treat your precious and delicate belongings with added caution. Inquire with your Utah mover about the process for declaring your cherished items.

5. Pack with a Purpose

While you can’t safeguard every item as if it’s in a vault, you can certainly pack with care. Prioritize the security of your belongings by using robust packing materials like durable boxes and strong tape. Label each box clearly, and add special markings for those with delicate or highly valuable contents. Maintain organization throughout, and don’t skimp on the bubble wrap.

6. Be a Little Sneaky

While labeling is crucial, sometimes deception can be your ally. Imagine hiding a valuable scarf in a box marked “Holiday Decorations.” Misleading labels can offer an extra layer of security. It’s satisfying to stay one step ahead of potential prying eyes. To remember where you’ve placed hidden items, jot down a list on your phone or paper. If opting for paper, ensure it stays with you during the move to avoid unintentionally providing a clue-filled map.

7. Opt for Moving Insurance

Moving insurance provides a safety net for unforeseen incidents. It’s reassuring to know your belongings are shielded from theft or damage. Inquire with your moving service about their insurance options and check with your home insurance provider regarding move-related coverage. It’s wise to consider additional protection for prized possessions. For many, insurance is indispensable.

8. Take Some Valuables with You

The most secure way to protect prized possessions is to carry them yourself. Allocate space in your vehicle for essential items like jewelry, gadgets, medicines, and crucial documents. Given that most of your belongings will be in the moving van, it’s wise to keep irreplaceable items close. Those of utmost importance should accompany you.

9. Be Cautious with Social Media

In today’s world, caution is paramount due to prevalent theft risks. When sharing moving photos on social platforms, avoid showcasing valuable items that might attract thieves. It’s also wise to withhold specific moving details from social media for added safety. Prioritize your security at all times.

Whether you opt for expert packers or all-inclusive movers, it’s wise to take additional precautions to safeguard your items.

source: https://utahsmovingandstorage.com/9-tips-and-tricks-for-keeping-track-of-your-most-valuable-items/


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