9 Tips for New Drivers Infographic

Before you get your license as a driver, you will need to undergo driving lessons as well as attending seminars intended for new drivers. Because the road can be a dangerous place for new drivers, this infographic was made to teach drivers how they can remain safe even if the road is full of factors that can cause an accident. Aside from that, you can also consider this infographic as a reminder for old drivers who tend to forget traffic rules resulting to various accidents that affected many people including the driver himself, the passengers and even the pedestrians. These are the nine things a new driver should always think about and the things the old ones should be refreshed with.

1. One of the products of modern technology is safety applications. When family and friends keep calling you, the tendency is that you get your eyes off the road which is one instance of distracted driving. These safety apps will automatically turn your off to “No Disturb” so that you won’t be bothered whoever is calling you while you are driving.

2. The sign “Keep your Distance” can be seen often in trucks and other vehicles. You should always keep this in mind because you can’t predict how the other driver will drive the car, especially if there are pedestrians who suddenly appear in the way. It is suggested that you keep at least a meter away from another vehicle.

3. Following the rules is imperative. Running the red light won’t just be a trigger to an accident but also a ticket. However, different states might have different traffic laws. It is better if you know the specific laws so can follow them and be a law-abiding citizen all the time.

4. Be proactive. One of the common causes is a faulty engine or broken clutch and brakes. Therefore, before you start turning on the engine, you must check and observe if there are any problems in the car. If you can see that your tires aren’t looking good, why will continue driving? Better go to a tire shop first especially if you are about to have a long journey.

5. Always keep your documents with you. You can’t tell who the people in the road are; they could be police officers who are checking your documents. Just to be ready, keep them with you wherever you go. These documents include your license, insurance policies and identification cards.

6. Take it slow. Even if it is an important meeting you have to catch, you need to slow down to ensure that the occurrence of the accident will be at the minimum level. More so, always think that rushing will limit your capability to think fast whenever something unexpected comes in your way.

7. The weather could be unfriendly. When it is too cold and raining, you must be extra-cautious with your driving because the road could be slippery. Maneuvering the car would be difficult but if you are driving slowly you are far from dangers. Other things you need to consider are road distractions and doing preventive maintenance.

source: https://burtbrothers.com/blog/new-driver-9-top-tips-for-you/


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