9 Tips in Preparing for Professional Packers Infographic

Success always depends on preparation. Before your professional packers come, make sure all the necessary boxes are checked. Utah moving firms make relocating more manageable, less stressful, and more efficient; they are typically well worth the money. However, using a moving firm doesn’t automatically absolve you of responsibility and allows you to relax on the sidelines. Here is a checklist of nine items to assist you in getting ready for your movers. After all, it’s YOUR stuff.

1. Clean Up and Organize

If you take the time to clean and organize laundry, dishes, tools, toiletries, and other personal belongings in advance, your mind will be more clear, the packing will be easier to access, and the unpacking will be much more enjoyable. When you see how much time you saved, you’ll be grateful.

2. Purge Time

Before making a move, purging feels so fantastic. Now that your child is 18, it’s time to retire the baby bouncer. Purge with the intention of having less to move. Getting rid of stuff you don’t use and donating or selling them to someone who can use them will feel so fantastic.

3. Declutter

Once you clear out your home to make room for the movers, you’ll notice how much more comfortable it is to live without clutter. As a result, you’ll make an effort to keep your new home clutter-free. Clearing counters and tables to make room for boxes and moving goods will make moving quicker and simpler.

4. Clear Communication

Working with a moving firm requires open and frequent communication. Be clear about your requirements, goals, and any further instructions. Be certain that you are accessible in case they have any questions. They must be available for you, and you must be available for them. Communication works both ways.

5. Back It Up

Don’t forget to back up all important data on your PCs, laptops, tablets, and other devices, and use cloud storage and portable hard drives. Even though it’s simple to overlook, this step is crucial in the digital age.

6. Mark Boxes Containing High-Value Items

Give the boxes you want to handle with additional care a special stamp. It’s difficult to trust someone with some things, including jewelry and other priceless valuables, which is why we advise keeping them in your cars. Make sure your packers mark the box for the highly valuable items that must travel on the truck, like the hand-carved clock that has been passed down through five generations, to ensure that they handle it with care.

7. Put Aside The Things You’ll Move Yourself

Items like jewelry, personal care products, electronics, overnight bags, office supplies, and other dangerous materials your movers won’t move should be put away in your cars. Separate these goods from the rest of the items and pack them in boxes.

8. Label Boxes to Organize Them

Boxes should be labeled and kept in the appropriate rooms. To make it plain and simple for your packers, use signage in the rooms. Set them up for success and clarity. Mark any goods with their label if they move to another room in the new residence. We should leave nothing up to speculation. Be an expert packer and utilize labels and signage to be incredibly organized.

9. Bring In Refreshments

Cookies make people happy. The best way to cool yourself on a hot day is with a nice drink of lemonade. Everybody enjoys munching while working and it provides their bodies with fuel. It would be considerate to provide the packing team with iced drinks and light nibbles. Possibly even get a pizza if you have to pack during lunch. Whatever gift you choose to give your packers and movers, they will undoubtedly be grateful. Go all in and be organized to avoid wasting the first year attempting to organize your life in your new home. Spend some time now making the transition smooth and organized later.

source: https://utahsmovingandstorage.com/how-to-prepare-for-professional-packers/


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