9 Tips to Keep Your Feet Wart-Free This Summer

Summer is a great time to expose your feet, but it’s important to ensure they’re well-maintained and wart-free. Plantar warts are infections caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV), which enter dry skin or a foot cut. They develop into small dark spots on the skin, which are pushed inward by walking pressure. As they grow, calluses usually develop around them, making it crucial to keep your feet well-maintained and wart-free.

Plantar warts are unsightly and difficult to treat. Preventing their development on feet can prevent painful growth and removal. Here are the best ways to keep your feet wart-free this summer.

Maintaining well-moisturized feet can reduce the risk of developing plantar warts, as the HPV virus enters the body through dry skin cracks.

Change your socks
Laundry is a tedious task, but it’s essential to avoid skipping a day and potentially reusing socks.

Wear clean socks and shoes
HPV thrives in damp, warm environments, making sweaty socks or damp shoes an ideal environment for the virus to infect.

Don’t share socks, towels, or shoes
Sharing is caring, but avoid wearing items on others’ feet as it exposes them to potential exposure.

Keep your shower and bathtub clean
The text emphasizes the importance of keeping surfaces bare feet touch clean to prevent the spread of viruses or bacteria, as well as to prevent foot infections, despite the fact that the author’s mother did not pay for this writing.

Completely dry your feet
After a clean bathroom, it’s crucial to dry your feet completely after bathing or showering to reduce the risk of viruses, as moisture and viruses are mutually beneficial.

Use caution when barefoot
Avoid being barefoot in public, especially in public showers. Wear sandals or water shoes in public showers, as HPV loves swimming pools. Wear shoes in changing rooms and consider getting house shoes or slippers for your home, especially if someone you know has plantar warts.

Clean your shoes
Regularly cleaning your shoes’ interiors can eliminate harmful viruses or bacteria, while also preserving their scent.

Wash your feet
A significant percentage of adults don’t scrub their feet in the shower, believing soap from the rest does the job. It’s crucial to scrub your feet like your hands, as it helps wash off germs before they can develop into more harmful issues.

Plantar Wart Treatment

Despite efforts, if you still have a plantar wart, it’s important to treat it to prevent its spread. Your podiatrist may recommend certain techniques to remove persistent and painful warts, ensuring the world doesn’t end.

Cryotherapy involves applying liquid nitrogen to a wart, which may be painful and require multiple treatments. Painful and time-consuming, it may require multiple treatments. Salicylic acid is used to remove layers of warts, which may take weeks to disappear. Small surgery may be necessary to remove stubborn warts.

Immune therapy involves injecting the wart with foreign objects to stimulate the immune system. The HPV vaccine, although not the same strand as the one causing plantar warts, is effective in treating warts. Blistering medicine creates a blister underneath the wart, which may be clipped off at a follow-up appointment. Laser treatment cauterizes blood vessels, causing the infected area to die and fall off. Repeated treatments may be necessary.

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