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Have you tried driving long distance on a winter season where snow is present and the road your taking has already turned into dark ice? You can see how slippery the road will be and the danger that you will be facing is also unpredictable. Some car owners would buy an all-season tire because they can use it on summer andor winter. They find it expensive to buy two different sets intended for different purposes. However, both choices have their own advantages and disadvantages and it will depend on the priorities of the owner whatever his choice will be. In this infographic, the advantages of winter tires and all-season tires are presented.

1. The tread patterns of the winter tires are perfect for the winter season. The grooves are deep and the tread blocks are large. This would mean an improved grip. This feature of the winter tires can prevent the snow from getting inside the tread which is the cause of losing traction, hence, sliding off the snowy road.

2. Given the mentioned features of the winter tires, braking on snow-capped road will become easy. It has a sturdy grip that can help you stop whenever the situation demands.

3. As stated above, some car owners don’t buy winter tires because they believe that it would be more expensive if they have two sets of tires. But, actually, when you have both summer tires and winter tires, you are switching it depending on seasons. If that’s the case, you are actually prolonging the life of each one. Hence, in the long run, you are saving more than just buying an all-season tire.

4. On the other hand, all-season tires have also its advantages. Of course, its capability to be used well on all seasons whether the road is dry, wet or with snow. Because of that, it has been the standard tires for all cars.

5. Not all regions will have the same level of snowfall. If you are living in a region where snow isn’t much to carry, this would be a good option for you. Winter tires are designed for heavy snow. But for areas like yours, what you need is just a tire that can provide better traction in wet conditions.

6. This type of tires is better because it makes your ride smooth and quiet.

7. However, when the winter is in its worse conditions, you better prefer winter tires. It has high sipe density for a better traction, it has also been engineered to provide good performance along with a quiet and comfortable ride. You might say that your car has ABS braking or traction control. That doesn’t matter because the winter tires will still work on it.

8. More so, changing tires depending on the needs due to seasonal changes will protect your original equipment.

9. Therefore, what now should be chosen? Try to assess your area first before going to a tire shop and change your tires. Does winter in your region seemed too much to handle especially if it’s covering the entire roads? If it does, winter tires are better. However, when you opt for these tires, you need to buy a set of four.



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