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As what people say, cure is possible for anything that is found out early. Same with it, at an early stage, oral cancer could be treated and could be stopped from developing into something terminal. What you only need to do is to be observant with what you feel and be critical to something that is unusual in your physical as well as emotional being. Have you felt the unpleasant thing that is going on in your body for a long period of time? This is something alarming and something that should not be taken for granted because it may result in something more serious that could no longer be cured or treated. To help you determine the early stage of oral cancer, this infographic provides you with its symptoms and indications.

1. Pain or discomfort in your mouth lip and throat. Frequent ache in these areas gives you the feeling of dismay and uneasiness. More often, you cannot work so well because something is bothering you. This could be an early symptom of oral cancer.

2. To chew or to swallow are hard for you. This feeling makes you lose your appetite because you do not enjoy the food whenever it passed through your throat. This is something terrible especially to those who love to eat so much. It is like taking away your only happiness after exerting your effort from so much work which is very disappointing. You also feel upset thinking what might be happening in your body or what illness you do have.

3. A white or red disk-shaped on your mouth. A patch on your mouth is visible which is an indication that inflammation occurs. This might disturb you or make you feel worried about what your face would look like with the red spot on it. People who are sensitive and are particular about their looks would feel low self-esteem, but this might disappear after a while.

4. Jaw or tongue is difficult to move. There are times when you can barely move your jaw and tongue. It might be annoying, however, when this happens, just relax and calm yourself. After few minutes or so, you would feel a little relief.

5. A feeling that there is a lump in your jaw. A tiny piece of something just under your jaw is something that might annoy you because it makes you uncomfortable. Sometimes, when you are about to rest, this condition occurs and you still need to take some time before you can have a good sleep.

6. Hearing capability is not affected but suffers from pain in the ear. Our body is of course connected with each other. When something goes wrong with your oral body parts, your ear might get affected.

7. Tongue or other areas of your mouth numb so much. Injury in the mouth could result to numbness and this would bother you a lot especially during the night when you are about to sleep. Sleep is so precious for some because the next day after it would be like a burden if they have not taken enough of it.

source: https://www.feltfamilydentistry.com/oral-cancer/


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