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Selling in Amazon is a strategy to leverage your business. You get to sell your products to millions of people who prefer online shopping. It is true that thousands of sellers join Amazon each year making it a large online marketplace. However, not all those who were recruited to be part of the ecommerce site stay in the site because many sellers leave it within or less than a year. This infographic provides common mistakes done by sellers who leave the site and it will also give tips on how you can avoid these mistakes.

1. Always think about your taxes whether it is a state tax or local tax. Due to busy schedule, you could forget about these taxes and you will just later find out that you’ve got multiple unfunded liabilities that you must pay personally. Because of this, Amazon offers that they will be the one to collect state taxes on your orders. But of course, there is a corresponding fee. It would be minimal but the benefit will definitely outweigh its cost.

2. Ensure that your pricing and inventory quantities are accurate. Amazon will not allow you to reflect false information about the quantity. There are sellers who would say that they have the product on hand even though it’s still being manufactured. Customers will order it and because it is not yet available, they will have to wait until delivery. Worse, if there would be problems in the manufacturing area, the product may not be delivered. Late delivery, long waiting and errors in fulfilling orders will cause customer dissatisfaction. It will affect not just your reputation but also of Amazon.

3. One of the common errors committed by sellers is their negligence in checking whether the product or items match the listings. There are different shades of blue or red, hence, you must be accurate in creating a listing. Even though it looks almost similar, almost is not good enough.

4. Customer inquiries are as important as your sales. Amazon gives 24 hours allowance for the seller to answer customer’s inquiries. If you fail to respond within this time frame, you could get dinged by Amazon. If you ignore their dings, your account will be suspended and you can no longer do business with Amazon.

5. Seek for customer’s feedback. Amazon will require you to have feedbacks from customers. Positive feedbacks mean that the customer was satisfied with your products or services and this would also be a key point for you. Seller Performance and product quality are checked through these feedbacks. So, always keep your customers happy so they will provide good feedback.

6. Value your promises. Do not exaggerate product descriptions because it will create over expectations. Promise what you can deliver and deliver what you have promised.

7. Most of all don’t get tipped off by the updates in Amazon. Just like in a shopping mall, e-commerce sites have updates on their site which you need to follow. Failure to do so might result to punishment, sanction or suspension of your account.



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