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One of the most important parts of the facility, when you speak of security, is the entrance. Without safeguarding it, it appears like you are enticing bad people to go inside your building. Even CCTVs are placed near the entrance of a shopping mall to record the people getting inside and outside the building. However, this is not the ultimate security measure because there are many ways that criminals can get away with this. They can always find a blind spot. That is why before setting up your safety and security protocols especially in protecting the building and ensuring that no one who has ill intentions can enter the place, consider the following tips listed on their infographics.

1. First of all, check an inventory of your assets and the things that you need to protect. Then, consider what could be the security threat that your company will be facing which usually depends on the nature of your organization. This is because a corporation may protect their information assets more than their physical assets, while other telecommunication companies may protect mostly their tangible assets. In this case, assessments are necessary.

2. If your building functions as a corporation, you will think about corporate espionage. Therefore, you must implement background checks among your visitors especially those who transact with confidential information. A corporate spy, a whistleblower or paparazzi should be easily identified by your background check software. This is because they gain money from sharing your confidential information to the people outside.

3. If the building seems to be prone to bombings and explosions, defense contractors should focus on buying explosion-resilient materials to minimize building damages in case of untoward incidents like fire, bombs and even earthquakes.

4. On the other hand, retail stores will require interior cameras to check on the customers especially in some hidden areas of the store. More so, there should be a detector in the entrance to ensure that whoever gets inside the store does not have a knife or anything that can be used to harm another person.

5. Are you having a new building? If you do check the surroundings before finalizing your building plans. It should be feasible to have cameras, and you also look at the state of its neighbourhood. However, if you are just renovating an old building, like retrofitting it, you must follow guidelines which include interior and exterior requirements, firewalls, alarms, etc.

6. Does the physical appearance of the entrance or building per se matter? Still, it depends on the nature of your operation. If it is simply a back-end office, warehouse, archives, or storage area, as long as the building does not need to encourage customers to get inside, the exterior does not matter that much. However, if it is a service-oriented organization like a daycare, spa, retail store, and the likes, definitely, exterior matters because it will be the face of the company to encourage customers to come in. Your job is to ensure that regardless of the exterior, the entrance is free from security threats.



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