Basic-SEO-Tips-for-The-Beginner Infographic

Are you a beginner in the world of search engine optimization? Do you know where to start? Or how to do the right SEO techniques? This infographic is just right for you. It contains information that will guide you through pushing your website up on the search engine results page such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. It won’t be hard but you need to be guided well before you make any mistake. Start it here.

1. Understand how users search for what they need online. You can call it keywords. Yes, users use keywords and the website that matches this keyword has the most possibility to be on the first page of the results page. However, that’s not enough. If you are thinking about including much keywords on your website, stop the thought. This is because keyword stuffing will create an adverse result on your page. You might be penalized for this technique.

2. Websites must have descriptions. These are called meta descriptions and page titles. This is the first stop of a search engine bot when they are deciding which website matches the users’ inquiry. These are short descriptions but the impact is big. Optimizing your page titles and meta descriptions will give your website higher chances of being noticed by search engine bots.

3. It’s not unusual but Google also doesn’t like duplicate contents. This is a big violation that could result in your website being on the last page of any search engine. Duplicate contents cause dissatisfaction from the customers and Google doesn’t like it. So, create unique contents every time you post something online.

4. Create more but quality backlinks. By quality backlink, it means that it is made naturally. Some SEOs simply put links in any website. But consider this scenario. If your link or website has been associated with poorly performing websites, the negative notion about that website will affect your own and you don’t want that to happen. So, always guard which websites your backlinks are coming from.

5. Your website should have one theme only. If it talks about laws, it should be about it only. If you want to add other subjects, just limit these posts. A website with multiple topics may affect its status in search engine results page.

6. There are some buttons, plugins and images/graphics that can affect the loading time of a website. Why do you need to consider the loading time? Users don’t like to wait and they may exit the website even before they even see what the content of it is.

7. Images are primary eye catcher but it is not the users that make the rankings. Therefore, you must provide titles, alternate texts and even file names that are appropriate and related to the image itself. However, the resolution should be good enough without affecting the loading time of the website.

8. Most of all, your website should not be static. It must be updated frequently to send signals to search engines that your website is still working and being maintained.



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